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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. TiborG
    Look for mom or girlfriend in the kitchen after such a fork. Works on both F9 and FH5 always. Both have one MMCX connector smaller or tighter. 100% effect without bruised fingers and other goodies
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  2. BobJS
    Add some salad dressing and you'll also get your RDA of minerals.
  3. Janjohnnn
    I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not. I've let everybody that I know detach it but it still sticks like a glue, and trust me, most of them are bigger, stronger, and definitely healthier than Bobjs (that comment at the bottom of ur reply).

    People on amazon have same experience as me- Right earbud doesn't produce a sound unless holding the mmcx connector in firm place, and cable just won't detach.
  4. TiborG
    I can also deliver video as 100% works. I've been testing new cables and switching cables and IEM for the second year now. Thickness and pitch are important for proper function. I do not know why just FiiO connectors in IEM have only one connector usable. My almost perfect combination for the FH5 is the Spinfit CP 100 - (not falling out of the neck even after a long time) rubber ring under Spinfit and magic is an asymmetrical BGVP DMG cable or symmetrical of pure oxygen-free copper. Finally it basses where it is supposed to bass, drums sound like drums and not like PET bottles, the cello doesn't play like a polystyrene body etc ..
    And who's still saying that another kind of IEM cable doesn't change the sound, so I recommend 20 minutes of concentrating with hydrogen peroxide in each ear hole, and charting the measurements to light the grill. Unfortunately, the tips are absolutely absolutely essential for the ultimate sound. Cables are basically 2 kinds, tens of tips ..
    2 girlfriends I bought cheap Chinese IEM with MMCX up to 30 Euros and bluetooth AptX cables. Even from such toys, rather than telephones, a sound can be printed that does not offend hearing after exchange of tips
    And I have quite a good technique for manually separating cables from IEM. Always lean your fingers on the IEM body and hold the cable end through a microfibre cloth or similar anti-slip fabric (for cleaning glasses). But even after a relatively easy and successful release, I have the impression that I will have bruises on my fingers in the morning. Never ever ..
    F9 is the most terrible exchange - I gave it back to the dealer for repair twice, they had the same experience. Attempting to rotate around an axis according to a stupid race the cables in IEM ripped off.

    Sarcastic would like to be BobJS, but he obviously hasn't changed the cables in these runes yet. Perhaps you could try to get a good quality stainless steel sheet and make your own tool - within 3 days it will do with a quality file.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  5. expatriot
    It's the difference in impedance between cables that you are hearing.
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  6. TiborG
    Of course. Some cable manufacturers are already so friendly that they mention cable impedance, at least indicative. And does this exclude a change in sound delivery? When I read the difference in sound, for example, my Beyerdynamic DT880 or 770, what a huge difference in sound at 32,80,250 Ohms impendance is, I take it with a big margin. I spent about one hour with a friend of the seller with all the variants and the ground was not shaking. Difference in volume. I'm not a cable theory advocate and audiophile camper, and I ignore reviews. But I no longer need to get my FH5 rid of them quickly.

    Just a word on the FiiO LC 2.5 B symmetric cable. When I broke up, when I tried to replace the MMCX connector, I ended up pretty fast. The half-section of the cable is probably a nylon fiber intertwined with silver-plated copper wire. After burning the nylon with a lighter, without a magnifying glass, there is a problem to estimate how many microns are the true cross-section. When the signal is routed through the cable surface, I understand why the FH5 is hissing with these cables as a rattler. 35 Eur. Thank you for your experience. Luckily, LC 2.5 C and D were not yet available.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  7. TiborG
    It is important to push the forks forward to work the wedge on the fork. Don't use it as a lever !!
    The difference in solving the problem I see in the geographic zone. In my country, women change their light bulbs themselves and do not look for an expert in the service and repair catalog. This is probably sarcasm... haha
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
  8. Mateo Sanboval
    Hey all. I'm a relative IEM neophyte looking for any impressions or comparisons of the Comet vs the Fiio FH5 in a search to find the best value in IEMs under $300. I do intend to wear them while travelling and/or walking. Any and all help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. Meshail
    Which is the better IEM of the 2
    Etymotic ER4XR or Fiio FH5
    For a musician who listens mainly to classical , Jazz & some pop .
    Neutral , crazy detailed , separation, texture layering & durability.
  10. Colors
    You just described the ER4XR.

    I’d recommend looking into the ER4SR too.

    Both have A+ level isolation as well.

    (I’ve demo’d the FH5)
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  11. Dobrescu George
    To be honest, ER4XR is more neutral, more detailed, and has more texture layering.

    But FH5 also has a pretty forward midrange, and excellent textures, and I think that FH5 has a bit more dynamics, ER4XR is not very dynamic

    What are you coming from? Would make it easier to tell which one you'd prefer.

    I think that you should try ER4XR from what you describe there.
  12. expatriot
    Another iem to consider is the Jays Q Jays V2
  13. Monztah08
    So i have the FH5 home to try for 7 days and ive listened to them alot. They are really nice, wide stage, controlled sub-bass, i hear things in music i never heard before but i feel they are a bit recessed in the mids. Most of my music is EDM, Melodic Metal and Hip-hop. Im not getting that "oomph" im getting with full over-ear headphones in songs that has alot of bass. Maybe im a bit off and wont get that feeling from IEM's but im also thinking its the 3.5mm cable i got? What are your thoughts on this?
  14. gLer
    The FH5 sound is very dependent on the tips you use and getting a good seal. Bass won’t be as powerful (in fact it can sound totally flat and thin) if you don’t get a perfect seal, which is not always easy with a shallow insertion IEM like the FH5. Try different tips - I found Dekoni tips work better than most for me. As for mids, the FH5 is very mid forward, not recessed, so not quite sure what’s happening there. Vocals and guitars should be forward and lively in the mix. What’s really nice about the FH5 is that the bass emphasis is on the sub bass, not mid bass (although mid bass is still powerful), so the bass almost never bleeds into the mids, unlike the FA7 which can sound thick and bloated with some music.
  15. Monztah08
    Thanks for the response, I have worked myself through all of the tips that came in the package and figured out that the foamtips are the ones that gives the best seal for me. And this also solved all the strange things i think i heard. :p
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