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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. katzolik
  2. PopZeus
    The black ones apparently have a longer nozzle so they're not as snug a fit, but the sound is apparently the same as the blue-gray ones.
  3. katzolik
    You might not have that info:

    I would doubt that they alter tooling and manufacturing process for a color change.. Would be expensive.
    But would be nice if there was an official statement that the versions are identical.

    Maybe someone has both and can compare? Or knows someone who has the other version?

    Does anyone on the thread have the new ones?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  4. Darren Cotter
    They did change the shape of the F9 about two months after release.
  5. PopZeus

    Helps to search the thread :grin:
  6. gLer
    In all this time we haven’t had FiiO or a user provide a side by photo of the silver and black FH5 to settle such a simple matter. We go to the ends of the earth in pursuit of this hobby and sometimes trip up on the simplest of stuff.
  7. katzolik
    Yeah. Right.
    I did Obviously. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made these assumptions.
    But if you search the thread even harder you will find the statement I quoted being made after these fiio statements. (that are poor English and maybe not that well thought through.)
    The statements from fiio do not specifically say "we did change the shape of the iem".

    Could also be:

    "Dear friend,

    This new black one has been optimized in order to be deeper into the ear canal (Because we include longer bi-flange tips now).

    Best regards"

    Because if you talk about FH5 as a product (which a marketing person answering forum post most certainly will do) not as the physical metal IEM piece they are correct with this statement even if they just include longer tips..

    Life could be so simple =D
  8. PopZeus
    Good point! I was just going off these statements from FiiO, and someone else in the thread alluding to a 1mm longer nozzle, but didn't go any further than that with my understanding. But you're absolutely right about bi-flange tips being the extent of their solution. In my defense, I did say "apparently".
  9. DavidS11
    At the shop, I have tried and tested the FH5, FH7 and FA7. I bought the newer black FH5 version and I don’t think it has a longer nozzle. It’s the same as the titanium one! I also have the same fit issue as most people with the black FH5, as none of the included tip helps (including the added new bi-flange tip). IMO the fit iand seal ssue of the FH5 is not so much of the shorter nozzle but the large size of their shell that prevent an ideal insertion into the ears. People with bigger ears will fit better but majority including me will have same issue getting a good fit and seal. I find IEMs with slightly smaller housing like FA7, Sony M7/M9 fit better for me. I have tried many tips both short and longer tips with no solution to fit the FH5 properly. I like the FH5, just the fit and seal issue on my ears.

    Ps: I find rotating the angle of the MMCX connnector helps in getting a slight better seal by making the shell fit a little better into the ears cavity.
    Marco Angel likes this.
  10. Marco Angel
    Why do you buy the FH5 instead of theyr brothers? (Soundwise) price also si a very tempting situation
  11. expatriot
    My fit problem with the FH5 is the combination of the short nozzle and the thickness of the shell.
  12. Marco Angel
    Have the SpinFit C100 and the little extra long tip helps a lot, also the bi-flange tips that fiio provides also provides a good seal (but not so confy to my ears)
  13. katzolik
    Did you notice a difference in sound signature between the older FH5 demo units in the shop and the black ones you bought?
  14. DavidS11
    Never like bi-flange as they’re not comfortable compared to silicone or foam.

    CP100 sound too much bass for me due to the smaller bore. Did u give CP145 a try?
  15. DavidS11
    I like the forward sound signature of the FH5. Also, best value amongst them.
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