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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. HerrXRDS
    Has anyone tested to see what filter works with these to drop the 2k peak a bit?
  2. expatriot
    As others have already mentioned, how is insertion depth of the FH7 compared to the FH5?
  3. Dobrescu George
    As Paul pointed out, with FH5, the mids were too forward. Way too forward for me to recommend easily to anyone

    With FA7, the mids were lovely, but the bass and especially mid bass were too forward, it is extremely warm, lush and thick.

    Thing is, I found FA7 to be far more enjoyable than FH5. They have the same resolution give or take, they use the same drivers, after all, the main difference is that FH7 has attenuated then midrange forwardness which killed the impression of midrange detail for some users.

    But, in the long run, I can stand the thickness of FA7, it is a bit of a one-trick pony, but the actual enjoyment is higher on FA7, at least if you put in some punchy and deep music, you're set for fun. With FH5, it seems that a lot of people really loved that kind of sound. Wasn't my first choice, and I am a bit reticent to recommend it if you don't like a more forward midrange. FA7 surely is sweet and clear, despite being really thick and lush. FA7 feels more punchy, FH5 more deep.

    I think it is better on FA7, but my ears could be tricking me. Feels like FA7 can be a touch more comfy.

    FA7 and FH7 are two different IEMs, I am currently waiting on the FH7, only have FA7 and FH5 right now :)
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  4. Isloo
    Thank you for suggesting this mod and for providing the photos. I have done the tape mod and it has really helped. My major problem has been the mids, which didn’t sound right to me and were too thin. However, the mids now sound a lot better. How much difference does changing to the brown damper help? Thanks.
  5. rendyG
    As you can see, using damper with higher resistance can isolate and bring down the 7khz region, use it only if the treble bothers you.
    I came back to original damper, because I find it balances the bass emphasis better. Imho with brown damper, it sounds more tonally correct, but then the bass becomes more prominent, relatively.
    Ideally I´d like to get a tighter bass (rest I can tune myself), but then we´d need to look in FH7/IT04 price category :/
  6. Isloo
    From what you say, I may give the brown dampers a go. How did you get the dampers out? Thanks for the advice.
  7. Brooko Contributor
    For GLer - and sorry if a little off topic.

    1. FH7 has same body shape, but much sexier in black
    2. Cable is a lot nicer.
    3. Nozzle is about 1mm longer (they are replaceable and have the filters inserted.
    Graphs - usual disclaimer (read any of my recent reviews) :wink:

    fh7 channel.png

    Red filter - channel matching is pretty good!

    fh7 filters.png
    All of the FH7 filters - mostly affects the upper mids and lower treble

    fh7 vs fh5 vs fa7.png

    FH5 vs FH7 vs FA7

    Now remember the FH7 shows least bass, but it also has the bigger DD compared to FH5. The bass on the FH7 is actually really good and goes low where required. Its just not V shaped / in your face. You can see how bad the FA7 is (although admittedly BA bass isn't as impactful as DD). FH5 has a lot of bass - but also has overly heightened upper mid-range.

    FH7 is "just right" IMO (red filter), and for those wanting more left, it EQ's really well (if you like to boost bass).
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
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  8. gLer
    Thanks @Brooko that's exactly what I wanted to see. I won't lie - the reduced bass and hotter treble on the FH7 is a concern, even though I know real-world listening is different to FR. Literally the only thing I would change from the stock FH5 is the 2khz peak by about 3dB, and then only for tracks where it makes already peaky female vocals even more so. Otherwise it's damn near perfect (for me). New cable aside (which I can buy for the FH5 as well), it's increasingly looking like the FH7 is another 'flavour' from FiiO's already-excellent IEM offering; give three people the FH5, FA7 and FH7 and chances are each one will like a different one for different reasons. You're certainly not being short-changed on any of them, SQ-wise.

    The added cost of the FH7, from everything I've seen so far, doesn't translate into a big jump in either quality or flavour. In the same price range I'm seeing the Campfire Polaris and IMR R1 Zenith, which makes the FH7 a much harder sell than either FH5 or FA7. At $250 new and ~$200 used the FH5 is easily the best price/performance, whereas for an extra $200-$300 the FH7 is going to face some serious competition.

    Still I look forward to trying out the FH7 and hearing it for myself. If the bass filters, for example, can boost the bass somewhat while leaving the mids alone and taming some of the highs, the investment may well be worth it.
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
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  9. maira
    I see this Problem too. I ii try the FH7 some time, but even if i ll like it better than FH5, its double the price. And my FH5 is not even a year old and still working (of course). Seems it does not make sense for FH5 owners ...
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
  10. rendyG
    It holds in there just by friction, so use some needle or something with small tip to gently pull it out :)

    If you like FH5, imho you should try to live with it using EQ or the mod I presented earlier. As you said, the price/performance of FH5 is probably a lot better, but this is normal when you approach higher end gear..
    I guess FH7 will be technically better, mainly due to the better DD, but some people may find it lacks bass which is evident when looking at their FR comparison.
    I´d definitely want to try these, but I´m not sure I´m ready to spend double the cash compared to my FH5...
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  11. maira

    Thank you very much for the Graphs!

    It would be really great if you could add a Graph of FH5 with the silver cable (of FH7) as it might be a good upgrade for the FH5...
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  12. Brooko Contributor
    Cable makes no difference to frequency response. I've done measurements on other IEMs in the past, and unless the wire massively changes impedance, then there is no measurable or audible change.
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  13. gLer
    Agree there! Do you have higher-end IEMs to compare the FH5/FH7 with? Andromeda comes to mind. As does IE800/S.
  14. gLer
    Agreed, if I'm going to spend double the cash, I'd want to hear a marked difference, either technically better or at least audibly different. Otherwise there's not much point. The FH5 already has a brilliant build and is super comfortable, so the only thing I'd be looking to enhance is the SQ, and a slight reduction in upper mids is not worth a $250 outlay for me.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    Sorry - heard the Andromeda, but don't have it. When I run the review, I can compare with the DK-4001, U10, RE2000, Sirius - maybe a few others.
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