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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. Fegefeuer
    Does anyone else have the problem with the stock cable making the ears protuding a bit out?

    If you changed the cable which one did you get to prevent this?
  2. Darren Cotter
    Would swivelling the MMCX connector slightly help?
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  3. maira
    Has anybody Fiios new pure silver cable yet? Or heard the FH5 with another pure silver cable? Is it worth it?
  4. Marco Angel
    Want to know too
  5. Dobrescu George
    I will be reviewing the FiiO silver cable in the near future :)

    It should make FH5 a tad better, but I'd also suggest considering FH7 or FA7 :)
  6. rendyG
    I'm using my FH5 with cheap $20 spc cable which imho sounds better than stock (also spc?). FH5 with stock cable sounds warmish with not a lot of details on top, but after switching to this aftermarket cable, bass gets tighter with a faster decay which makes it less thick. This imho opens up the sound and I like it more than stock. I think with silver cable it would sound even better, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep my FH5 due to fit issues :frowning2: even though I love them for commuting.

    Also if you can, go balanced! FH5 on balanced sounds huge! :)
  7. sanvara
    What about the FA7 do you recommend versus FH5? From what I was reading FH5 has deeper bass and FA7 a thicker and warmer sound with more mid bass. Which one has better transparency and clarity? I personally like transparency and deep bass and don't like bass that is boomy and dominating so I was thinking I might not like FA7 as much as FH5.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  8. nort ycagel
    Clarity is better on FA7. Fh5 has more bass extension but bass on fa7 is no joke either. I prefer the FA7
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  9. gLer
    I didn’t find clarity better on the FA7, quite the opposite in fact. FA7 bass is great - if you enjoy boosted midbass and some warm bloom. The FH5 is more linear. Check out @Currawong’s reviews, I think you’ll find similar findings to mine.
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  10. nort ycagel
    Clarity and definition were the main reason i kept FA7 over FH5.

    Fh5 bass would sometimes sound overwhelming towards other frequencies.
    With FA7 I EQ down the bass a bit. It has the kind of clarity that can make bad recording sound harsh
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  11. gLer
    Interesting how we hear the same IEMs so differently. Which source/s are you using and which tips - I found both make a significant difference to the sound of the FH5. Also what type of music do you generally listen to?

    I don’t find the FH5 bass overwhelming at all, given most of it is centered on the sub bass with a very linear rise through midbass to mids, with zero encroachment of the bass on the mids (my biggest no-no in audio). The mids (especially upper mids) can sometimes peak a bit, but I find that too selection makes a big difference here. It’s definitely not a ‘laid back’ sound so if you like you music more relaxed and sedate, there are probably other IEMs (including the FA7 with its warmth) that may be more suitable.

    You’ll find my full FA7 (with extensive FH5 comparisons) here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fii...rmature-drivers.882444/page-110#post-14718225
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  12. Brooko Contributor
    Both have faults IMO. FH5 has one glaring fault and thats the early and sharp rise between 1-2 kHz. It brings the mid-range too forward and makes it too glarey. The FA7 has a beautiful mid-range, but its overshadowed by the over-emphasised sub and mid-bass.

    The best would be a combo of the two. The FH5 bass and the FA7 mid-range.

    The FH7 is brilliant - haven't measured it yet, but absolutely love it so far.
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  13. gLer
    That is very promising @Brooko - I’m with you on the flaws with the other two, although I find the FH5’s much easier to live with than the FA7’s. How’s the fit of the FH7 compared to the FH5?
  14. Brooko Contributor
    Fit is quite comfortable. The filter system is really good. If I get time I’ll measure tomorrow
  15. maira
    FH7 vs. new Polaris would also be interesting ...
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