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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. sidecross
    The stock cable while efficient is not to my liking. I use fiio 45cm cable for travel along side btr1k . At home I use fiio 8 strand lace cable at standard length with fiio q5.
  2. mhoopes
    The clear cable sheath is quite attractive, though it overall is a bit heavy for portable use. If it weren't for the ear hooks (did I mention those before? :deadhorse:), it could be considered 100% tangle-free.

    I like the cable that came with the Japanese-market Sony XBA-30/30ip. It was a durable, ribbed flat cable that was light and resisted tangling. The only reason it failed on me was a questionable crimp design north of the splitter. A chin slider likely would have helped there, too.

    Speaking of that, does anyone know of a chin slider design that doesn't slide when you don't want it to?
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  3. sidecross
    You might try 1/16" (1.5mm) cable tie 4" (20.5mm) in length and cut to size needed. I have used this in the past on other cables.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  4. sidecross
  5. mhoopes
    I've used clips like this before. I've even had to add UV-cure resin to the part that slides onto the cord to keep it on the cord. Clips on the shirt, but doesn't help with ear retention. My chin slider on the FiiO LC-3.5BS helps maintain the IEM seal, but keeps sliding down.

    What I'm think of is something like the spring-loaded cord locks you see for drawstrings. I wonder if I can retrofit one of them? That would mean hacking into it to get it on the cord, and then somehow repairing it. Or hack off those dreaded ear hooks on an existing cable, put the new slider on, and re-terminate with new MMCX (the last part isn't quite so attractive of an option).


  6. sidecross
    I agree that it would be difficult to place the cord lock whose image you have shown to work.

    I use the clip that I have shown a link to has worked for me; I do not use the small hooks. I just use it as a clip at the length I want.

    It is a smaller version than clothes pins that film production or sound roadies use for larger cables for light or sound.
  7. chupacabra314
    Agreed, though my slider fits pretty snugly so it doesn't move on its own. And though I generally prefer hooks, these are way too long and thick, and the cable is too heavy if you're moving around. I do love that sexy L-plug. It's the only reason I haven't switched cables yet.

    My 2 favorite cables for comfort and resistance to tangling are:
    a) UE900 cables - earhooks are a little fat but they are memory wire and the connectors are angled like Fiio's. Cables are light and soft and after 3+ years they still don't show any signs of use. They do feel a little cheap and the connectors aren't gold plated but I love them just the same.
    b) Westone UMPro/ES series cables - thin, light, and smooth. Earhooks are thin but not memory wire. Connectors are straight, which I don't like. You may need to trim some of the rubber on the connectors for them to fit some IEMs.
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  8. Steve Guppy

    Found my "tip nirvana". I was already using the Symbio N's in medium, but tried @mhoopes trick with the spacer (hopefully just visible in the picture). This has got these as close as perfect for me as I think they're gonna get. Fii0, you have a new fan :-D
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  9. Steve Guppy

    So does this make my shower "U" shaped or "V" ? I don't think any amount of EQ will sort out its apparent lack of mids! :-D
  10. BobJS
    Yeah, I need symbios with a spacer to get full enjoyment from my FH5s as well. The only problem is then, (due to the spacer, probably) is that half the time the tip remains in my ear on removal. This happens so often it's not even an issue anymore. I've become adept at getting the thing out pretty easily.
  11. emklap
    Hi FH5 owners,

    Today I ordered the Fiio LC3.5 B cable that comes stock with the FH5, can anyone tell me if the red/blue rings around the MMCX connectors come off easily?
    This allows me to modify the connectors so they will also fit my ER3XR which have a recessed mmcx connector.

    Thanks for any reply
  12. sidecross
    I found a similar problem with spinfit and the fh5.

    The 155 medium with a diameter of 5.5mm would do the same but switching to spinfit 145 with 4.5mm diameter not only solved this problem, but gave me even better and more fuller fidelity.

    Working to get the best out of the fh5 is not for the meek. :)
  13. Steve Guppy
    @BobJS , I haven't had that problem myself but maybe it's because I'm using the N Symbio's, and the fact their fit is tighter anyway. Plus, I left enough of a gap behind the ridge on the nozzle to grip the tips (It took a few spacers and sliced-up tips to get it right!) @sidecross I agree, it's definitely a challenge, albeit a fun one for me, to discover which tip works best, especially as straight out of the box, these sounded thoroughly underwhelming, and some people completely green to this hobby(?), with no knowledge on the impact of different tips, might just send 'em straight back decrying their awfulness .
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  14. sidecross
    I agree, I find the challenge to find an optimum listening experience an art of discovery in of itself; I enjoy problem solving. :)
  15. dwil
    Hello FH5 owners. What other IEMs do you own/use?

    I recently bought the FH5, and while this is the most technically impressive IEM i've ever used, its not for me. I really am not fond of the mid presentation, the lower mids are recessed when I personally like them to be forward. I find the FH5 fatiguing without EQ.

    Now with EQ, these are as perfect as I can imagine any IEM to ever be, but I don't have access to EQ at all times, I plan on plugging these directly into the headphone port of synthesizers and samplers etc. I need something that has an inoffensive, non-fatiguing sound signature by default.

    How does the Fiio FH5 compare to the other IEMs you own? Should I buy a Fiio FA7 or something else? Are there any FH5 owners that are happy with the FA7 (or vice versa)? What other IEMs does the Fiio FH5 compete with?

    Thanks for helping out.
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