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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. Steve Guppy
    See, just goes to show, we're all different. I found that the Symbio's gave me the best seal, and therefore the best bass yet, far better than even the supplied bass tips.I agree that the Symbio W aren't as comfortable as foams, so i experimented with the N's, and they were definitely more comfortable.

    On a side note, any tips on reducing hiss and what sounds like background static (very random and unpredictable) with my FiiO Q1ii / FH5 and 8 core copper 2.5mm balanced mmcx cable connected to Note 9. Someone said its possibly the balanced output of the Q1ii (and the fact its apparently not magnetically shielded?) picking it up, as I never had any background noise using my 1more's on the regular 3.5mm output.

    Any help or advice would be welcome
  2. gLer
    Wish I could help you with the static issue, but haven't experienced that myself. Does sound like the IEMs are picking up some external noise, so a shielding issue is a good bet. These IEMs are very sensitive instruments. Will give the Symbio Ns a try in a couple of weeks and report back here.
  3. Steve Guppy
    Thanks anyway. 99% of the time its perfect, then on the 1%, it's quite noticeable. May try a different cable at a later date.

    You can definitely still feel the N's in your ear, but being a fraction smaller in radius, I found they didn't quite put the same pressure on my lugs! :) But like I said, the bore is smaller, so getting 'em on is a faff..
  4. mhoopes
    I had the same experience, and tried all sizes of Symbio W. Comply works, but I've grown weary of the memory foam lifecycle. They start out great, but then the memory resin, which is reactive with earwax, migrates out of the foam. At some point in their "useful" life, when they get warm enough, they don't have enough of the memory material in them, and start wriggling out of my ears, and require frequent adjustments when I'm doing anything active.

    Also, I think years of memory foam usage has expanded the size of my ear canals, thus my issues with Symbio tips. They aren't compliant enough to conform to my canal shape. The L Bass tips worked for me with the FH5, after adding 1.5 mm o-rings. The M Bass tips work the best for me with the FA7 and FA1.

    By the way, does anyone here have size L and/or LL Final Audio E Type eartips? If so, what is their outer diameter? No specs online.

    I ordered the M size for 25USD out the door from MTMT Audio, and they were too small. I want my next $25 to yield at least 3 usable pairs.
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  5. sidecross
    I have the same experience with foam ear tips as hoopes; their time of use is very limited with me.
  6. Steve Guppy
    20190213_101828-01.jpeg 20190213_101730-01.jpeg

    Got some Symbio N (medium) fitted to my FH5's and i have to say, this is the best I've heard or felt these fantastic value IEM's. I tried every tip they came with, and thought they were all pretty awful. Then tried the Symbio W that I had with my 1more's. They sounded so much better but just hurt my ears a little. So ordered the N's, also in medium (they are a touch smaller), and i have found the perfect tip for me. They were a exercise in patience to get on mind!
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  7. sidecross
    I found a similar situation with spinfit ear-tips.

    The spin-fit 155 which is 5.5 mm is easy to put on, but does not put out the best audio as compared to the spinfit 145 which is 4.5 mm.

    The difference between the two is substantial, and worth the difficulty to install the 4.5 mm ear tip. :)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2019
  8. HerrXRDS
    I love how responsive these are to EQ, I can make them sound different every day depending on the mood. Currently using the TRacks Classic EQ Mastering Sweeter 2 impulse response file with some EQ, reminds me of Sony N3, just better.

  9. Steve Guppy
    I couldn't agree more. They sound great without any eq but using one, albeit subtley, really does bring out the best.
  10. Floris888
    Hello, im confusing . I want something else , right now im using FH1. And i dont know what to choose between FH5 vs FA7.
  11. mhoopes
    Questions: what kind of music do you listen to, and what do you like (and don’t like) about the FH1? :)
  12. chupacabra314
    In other news my cable has become really stiff above the Y-split. It can now support the full weight of the shells.
  13. jaxz
    Bad news or good news?
  14. chupacabra314
    Haha it may be good news for some. I find it annoying, especially when trying to put them in their case. These are only 6 months old.
  15. mhoopes
    My original FH5 cable is in similar condition. I don't mind it at all, and it's starting to help keep the chin slider in place.

    What I still mind are the mind-bogglingly-thick ear hooks. The microphonic rubbing against eyeglass frames is a real annoyance, if you're a human and like to move. For me, the chin slider absolutely negates any need for ear hooks of any kind.
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