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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. Steve Guppy
    Thank you so much for your help. I thought that was probably the case, as the 1more's were connected to the regular 3.5mm output Unfortunately as you can see, I'm using the FiiO CL06 cable as this is the only one I've found that doesn't charge the DAC !! And it's brilliant and compact, for listening out and about,, but doesn't allow for the DAC to be moved away from my Note 9! Is there anything I can place between the 2 (I have the silicone pad that came with the Q1ii but can't imagine that's gonna make a difference??) or disable on my phone that will help? 20190213_234123.jpg
  2. Mirimar
    You could try one of these:


    Just make sure you listen to make sure it fixes the issue BEFORE you purchase it :p
  3. Steve Guppy
    Definitely worth a try I guess. So where would one get to try something like this out? A dedicated audio supply shop?
  4. Mirimar

    You can get them online but I would try it first.
  5. Steve Guppy
  6. maira
    I would like to have tips in between the reference tips and the vocal tips which came with the iem. Any Ideas?
  7. gLer
    In my experience, JVC Spiral Dots and Symbio W tips offer the best seal/sound/comfort combination of all the tips I've tried. Fiio's bass tips are also good, as are the double flange (which you have to order separately). Dekoni Bulletz are also great, but like all foam tips, dull the sound a touch. Still better than the Complys I've tried.

    The FH5 is like a chameleon when it comes to tips - it's like a different IEM with each different tip combination! The first thing I check with any new tip is whether it retains the FH5's insanely good sub bass kick. As long as that's there, and the vocals aren't too shouty (being mid-forward), I listen on.
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  8. Steve Guppy
    Ι have to agree with @gLer, I didn't really gel with any of the supplied tips although the bass tips for me were the best. I tried some dual flange (terrible) and some foam (worse), until I tried the Symbio W. They gave me the sound I kept reading about, but was elusively absent. I've since swapped them for the Symbio N, which for me, were slightly more comfortable, and added a touch extra bass (I like detail but i like bass too!) They were however a btch to get on, so patience and slow & steady is key! Good luck
  9. expatriot
    I use Spinfit CP145 and think they give a great tone to the FH5. Of course as always YMMV.
  10. domho7
    I just ordered MML size for symbio w tips. Wish me luck pls. Tks
  11. Steve Guppy
    You won't be disappointed.
  12. gLer
    Just make sure you get a good seal. With the S Symbio W I didn't get a seal and therefore zero bass. Symbios aren't as comfy as the Spiral Dot, foams or Fiio tips, but they're not bad. For more bass and comfort, you can mod them by removing the foam insert.
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  13. sidecross
    Finding the right ear tip is indeed an adventure.

    Anyone should keep in mind that the interior structure of your ear is a separate part of finding an ear tip that may work. Like fitting a shoe, the shape of your foot is as important as the shoe itself. :)
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
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  14. domho7
    Noted with thanks
    U own a R28 how is this player
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  15. gLer
    The R-28 is exceptional. My endgame dac/amp. Don't use IEMs with it though...although I probably could.
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