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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. rusnak666
    I found that i can order knowles dampers in 4 diameters: 1,12mm, 1,37mm, 1,78mm and 2,08mm, does anybode know which one is for mids? Thank You
  2. rendyG
    No, it is for highs.
    Mid tube is undampened, thus my idea to insert some light damper to tame the 2k peak which bothers some.

    Sorry for late reply, I don't have time this week..

    edit: I don't think it is necessary to dampen the smallest tube (bass) since it is DD..
    Btw, does anyone know if fiio uses active crossover in these?
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
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  3. rusnak666
    OK, FiiO replied to me just now, the bore with white dumper is for highs and the small bore is for the mids (red arrow in the picture), the diameter is 1,5mm, the other bigger one without damper is for bass...
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
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  4. rendyG
    I bought my dampers here, they fit the bigger bores..

    2PCS Balanced Armature Damping Damper Plugs filters Knowles Acoustic Dampers for Shure Se215 se315 se425 se535 Se846 TF10 LM5144

    edit: interesting, I expected the small tube is for bass..
    I should have time this weekend, I will measure the effect of inserting/changing the filters :)
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2019
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  5. gLer
    Thanks - can you tell us which one to buy to fit the smaller (midrange) bore, and which resistance to buy to bring down the 2khz peak by 3-6dB? Look forward to your impressions.
  6. rendyG
    Not sure yet, I would start with the lowest resistance ones, as I think more damping will screw with the overall tonality too much..
    Do you feel 2k needs 3-6dB cut? I think that is a bit too much, isn't it?
    I will know more at friday/saturday, now I'm stilla bit surprised that fiio replied to rusnak that the smallest tube is for mids (seems strange to me).
  7. rusnak666
    Looking forward to your measurements of changing the filters... Thanks
  8. gLer
    I also assumed the largest bore would be for bass. And no, I don’t think the FH5 mids need any tweaking at all. However it might be fun to experiment with the midrange peak to see what it does to the rest of the FR. Since I hate using EQ, and my dap (M9) doesn’t have system wide EQ, an inexpensive damper could be the way to go. That said, I’m perfectly happy with the FH5 as-is, especially now that I’ve found M size Spiral Dots form a perfect seal, as do Dekoni Bulletz. Both sound outstanding with the FH5.
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  9. rendyG
    OK, so my original idea is down, because the second big tube is for lows (as reported by rusnak above).
    However, I still have an interesting results from a few experiments I´ve done..

    I´ll take Brooko´s measurements as baseline, because his rig is much more accurate:
    We see a 2k peak which some people don´t like and 7k peak which was for me personally more disturbing than the 2k one.
    I wasn´t able to tame 2k yet, because damper with smaller diameter would be needed, not sure if we can buy them somewhere??

    BUT, I managed to target the 7k peak and bring it down a few dB, which sounds good imho.
    purple = stock
    yellow = stock grey damper replaced by brown damper
    + brown highs.jpg

    Then I put the stock grey damper in the big tube for lows.
    This is the configuration I´m currently testing: green = grey damper for lows + brown damper for highs:
    brown highs grey lows.jpg

    In case there are some trebleheads :D stock vs grey damper removed..
    - naked highs.jpg

    I don´t have time to make any comments now, but I think most of you will find the graphs informative.
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  10. rendyG
    Do you know where to buy one of the dampers with lower diameter?
    The ones I got from ali are 2.08mm and fit "only" the two larger tubes..
  11. rusnak666
  12. rusnak666
  13. rendyG
    Yes, smaller should work, you can always use something to keep them from falling out..
    But I think mouser charges a lot for shipping, unless you order for more than 50€ :frowning2:

    I will try to make some diy filter, but the tube is freaking small :D
  14. Steve Guppy
    20190213_101828-01.jpeg I have to say, I absolutely love my FH5's. And they sound exquisite connected to the balanced output of my Q1ii. Also, I think for my personal preference the Symbio N"s sound even better than the W's. The fit is slightly smaller, and for me more comfortable and i prefer the extra touch of bass They were, however, a sod to get on. One question. I'm getting quite a bit of static like background noise randomly, which i never heard with my 1more's. Would this be the cable, a trait of the balanced output, or the monitors themselves? Sorry for my ignorance I'm fairly new to this. Any help advice or tips would be greatly appreciated
    20190213_101730-01.jpeg 20190213_101628-01.jpeg
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
  15. Mirimar
    I think you might find that it’s the balanced output on the Q1ii. I have a Q1ii and I get the same thing with the FH5. Try moving it away from a phone or anything connected to wifi/Bluetooth as the Q1ii is fairly well known to not have good shielding from outside interference. Hope that helps.
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