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FiiO FH5 • Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors || Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers

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  1. rendyG
    Yes, dampers fit, I quickly tried to put in the damper into the mids tube, it fits without any problem and can be easily taken out as well. To my surprise the damper which is already installed in the highs tube isnt glued in or anything, it just sits there thanks to little friction.

    I agree with you and I like that 2kHz peak, but as I said, there are people who likes the mids more relaxed so this could be the solution for them :)

    FA7 will be different and I know it won't be for me as it has similar bass bleed like DM6 from what I've seen in measurements.
    I have no idea how companies tune the bass in these full-BA iems (resonators?), but from what I know, only Moondrop was able to tune their bass BA to perform close to my preffered Harman target with their Blessing (and A8).

    edit: remember that with Knowles dampers you can target only the peaks in the frequency spectrum and bring them down in 1 or 2dB increments. So even if you don't feel like 2k needs damping, using the damper with lower resistance can just smooth out the response and tame resonances, which would improve imaging and separation even more :)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  2. gLer
    That's very cool. Where do you buy these dampers from? May be worth trying some out, just for fun.

    Yeah, the FA7 definitely has a less linear, more bloomy midbass presentation, whereas the FH5 is all sub and a linear midbass, which is far more pleasing (to me). Then again some people like their sound fuller and warmer, in which case the FA7 would be perfect for them. The FA7 mids are also less forward, which some prefer, and the warmer bass also serves to fill out some of the mids in the FA7, which I actually do prefer. Will be interesting to see how FiiO tunes the FH7, which you'd think would be a step up from the FH5 based on numbering, but who knows?
  3. bgtip
    Am I right to think that you suggest to insert the Knowles dampers into the midrange tube? If so can you share the diameter of this because I have no means to measure it. I suppose it is standard and those should fit in: https://bit.ly/2CLPo1c
    Also since the dampers are not fixed in the sound tube (except for friction) I've had the impression that the FH5's mesh is in place to prevent them from getting lost? I've read some user comment on youtube that one of his dampers has fallen out after the mesh hack. So is there any possible way to fix the dampers in?
  4. davidcotton
    If you do a search there was a mod similar for the shure 535 iems where they used this mod.
  5. mhoopes
    I think you answered your own question. @Brooko did some comparative measurements with and without the mesh, and didn’t see more than an 0.1 dB difference across the audible spectrum (and it was basically uniform), likely within measurement session variation. Try the same trick with your speaker grills at home. Your sense memory will have a much better chance of keeping up if you can A-B them real-time. Try it blind, with a helper (or two, for stereo), for best results.

    Dampening the mids will enhance the perceptual levels of adjacent frequencies, meaning that you will perceive a bit more treble volume.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  6. el-jorge
    I’m really biased between these and the JVC FW-01. I hope there is someone in this topic who heard them both, and can tell us a little bit about the differences?

    I listen mainly to Hans Zimmer and soundtracks/ trance/ edm and pop music
  7. boneburglar
    I’m choosing between this and the Sony XBA-N3. Anything I should know?
  8. rendyG
    I can't share the diameter now, I'm not gonna be home this week. But it is compatible with original Knowles dampers, I think you don't need exact diameter.. I bought my dampsrs from Soundlink store on ali, your link seems ok, but I'm not sure if you can choose exact type of the damper (I'm on phone)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  9. expatriot
    no longer available on ali.
  10. sidecross
    I was told Friday that a previous order of a fiio am3b placed on 12/26/18 was canceled by fiio; this was a fiio usa distributor. What is the current status of fiio's production and shipping status?
  11. rusnak666
    I just ordered some knowles dampers from digikey, so im very excited to see the results... after i removed the mesh from FH5 i see that fiio is using only one damper, is it for mids?
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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  12. expatriot
    Is there a set you can purchase, or do you have to buy them individually?
  13. mhoopes
    I think that's the tweeter.


    The filters (and the extraction tool) can be purchased individually at Digi-Key. If you need to experiment, I'd say buy a variety of them, but measure the tube opening diameter before ordering. Also, I don't know about Digi-Key's shipping costs/limitations in the Philippines.
    Another manufacturer (Sonion) has recommendations for filter placement (insert between 25-50% of the length of the sound tube) to prevent contamination of the filter. Alternatively, since the FH5 constrains the filter to the outlet of the sound tube, you could leave their mesh on. If you think that the treble is overly constrained by the external mesh, you could replace the tweeter filter with one of lower acoustic impedance to compensate for the mesh.

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  14. rusnak666
    So which one bore is for what purpose? There are 3 bores, 2 bigger and one small, i think the knowles dampers fits only in the bigger bores, or I'm wrong? Maybe FiiO could help to explain? Thanks
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  15. expatriot
    mhoopes: Thanks very much for the info.
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