FiiO FH1s-Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature,Balanced pressure relief technology,Friendly HiFi tuning for popular music
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Jul 30, 2008
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What a color..
Dear user,
FH1s is available in black, purple. There may be more colors version in the future, and please pay clost attention to our official news.
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Looks like the JadeAudio EA3s but with two BAs?
Dear user,

First of all, EA3 tuning is more popular, frequency response at both ends of the tilt, bass and treble are relatively strong, a little bit behind the middle voice, suitable for just the introduction of the burner.The FH1S impedance has been adjusted higher, the tuning tri-frequency is more balanced, the low frequency is less, but the bass texture remains unchanged.Among them, the positioning of frequency voice is relatively advanced, and the part of high-frequency stimulus is optimized to make the sound more audience-resistant and adapt to different music styles without reducing the analytical power.
Secondly, the sound mouth material FH1s uses brass sound mouth (EA3 is aluminum alloy sound mouth), the high frequency extension is better.The wire material is also upgraded from oxygen-free copper to single crystal copper, and the number of wire cores is increased to 120.
Third, the accessories increased the memory sponge cover and HB1 waterproof storage box;Third, the accessories increased the memory sponge cover and HB1 waterproof storage box.

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Will more of the Fiio iem line be moving to two pin connectors in the future? Cause I personally can't stand mmcx connectors.
Dear user,

Thanks for yout kind feedback. We will report to the product manager and access about that.

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I just received the Fiio FH1s from Amazon USA and loving it. Thought my audiosense T800 was wide and detailed.FH1s made my jaw drop. It's very balanced, detailed and soundstage is Super wide, almost like a Binaural recording and thus worth 4- 6 times the price of $59 on Amazon.

I changed the stock tips to wider bore 4mm to tame the treble which worked perfectly (4.5mm killed the details+bass). I haven't used my other IEM's.Tin HiFi P1,T800, Shouer Tape, BGVP DMG for 2 weeks now. As a matter of fact, I prefer FH1s compared to my excellent AKG 361. AKG respends well to EQ being a studio monitor headphone. Without eq, FH1s sounds better.

Compared to original FH1 (i have 2 sets) FH1s is more balanced, more detailed and soundstage width is twice as large.

I tried a silver+copper cable which cuts down on the treble but you lose details. Fiio's stock crystal copper cable is def solid choice that gives you clarity in every frequency.2 pin connection is solid and reliable.I prefer this to MMCX as well.

DAPs I use are iBasso DX160, Hiby R5, ZX300, and my LGV35...This IEM with Tip mode will satisfy many folks. I love the details, Bass response and superwide sound stage which is the first thing that stood out compared to the above IEM's.
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How are the voices? Warm and natural or bit artificial and sibilant? Are the "s" consonants pronounced?

The 13.6" Driver does everything besides the High Frequency+Very high frequency. Voices sound sibilance after changing the tips. Stock tips are super narrow and that cramps the sound and adds a little sibilance. Original FH1 does get sibilant. The 4mm bore tips open up the sound perfectly and everything sounds nice now. The Dual BA driver is the same as the one in the IKKO OH10 and tuned nicely vs the Original FH1.

3-4k is slightly elevated but not as bad as the Shouer Tape.there's two vents. One by the 2 pin connector (This is what helps expand the soundstage + clarity+seperation of frequencies.2nd one is directly above the 13" driver. when u Tape the one directly above the driver, Bass quantity is increased (reminds me of Sony EX800 but not the same depth).

For the Money, this is an easy Rec. The soundstage is something I've never experienced before. Separation is excellent. Some apps bring it out more even. For example on DX160 with Lurker addon.I use the Hiby Music app (Lurker has modded Hiby Music to play bit-perfect on DX160). Hiby music is much wider and deeper (3D) vs stock Mango player or any other players I've tried (UAPP,Neutron, etc).

I enjoy this combo very very much and I'm finally at peace. This hobby can leave you broke lol.

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