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FiiO FH1 || 1 Dynamic + 1 Balanced Armature dual drivers Hi-Res Audio certified

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  1. emeline
    I'd love to know too :)
  2. greenkiwi

    Button and mic work, volume buttons don't.
  3. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    No, the in-line remote control and microphone could work in the iPhone. But the volume adjustment is not supported.

    Best regards
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  4. Chrono251
    I bought the FH1 yesterday on Amazon and the package should be here on Monday. Looking forward to that!
  5. Chrono251
    Package received!
    I'm pretty much happy with everything so far: fit, weight, sound quality, cables. I'm using the balanced tips and the X7ii as source and DAC with audio from the computer.
    I only experienced some slight sibilance while playing some songs, but that was very likely due to the quality of the recording as most of the time I don't hear that (I could not hear this with the previous IEMs, but after trying the FH1 I cannot use them any more considering the difference in SQ!)

    For comfort and insulation I bought foam tips (unfortunately Fiio includes them only with the F9). I ordered the Variety Pack 500 from Comply tips. I found in another post from Fiio that the 500 fit the FH1.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  6. ezekiel77
    Yes, actually.
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  7. sjb57
    Anybody got any news on FH5? Is it now a fixed spec. or are Fiio still testing reliability & different tuning scenarios before mass production?
  8. Luigi Milazzo
    First pair in black, wonderful sounding, I really liked the sub bass level and the natural presentation of music. But playing a full range sweep at low volume, the bass on the right side had a evident buzz that disappeared touching the enclosure. Amazon is sending me a blue pair. I'm Hoping for a good pair... it's like an odissee from pair to pair: B100, b200, FH1 and FH1 again. Same buzz. Maybe amazon starts to hate me.
  9. Luigi Milazzo
    If these will be not good, I directly go for a Billie Jean.
  10. KopaneDePooj
    Got mine yesterday!
    Pretty happy with them. Fit and comfort are excellent.
    First impressions about sound: Deep-bassy, crispy and fun. A bit too much energy in the high-mids / lower highs for me. I wish they emphasized more the lower midrange than the upper one. But nothing too drastic, for now I fixed it with EQ: -3dB on 2K an 10K bands.
    But I hope they will calm a bit with burn-in.
    Looking at posted pictures I expected a more saturated blue color, but my pair looks very understated and elegant dark-blue. I like them!
    They look darker and more cloudy sort of pearl-like shine in reality. Photos make them look different.

    Last edited: May 7, 2018
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  11. Chrono251
    I agree with your sound impressions and I slightly tweaked the EQ as well to reduce the upper midrange.
    I'm not sure if it is just the placebo effect (or maybe the fact that I'm using the Comply 500 foam tips), but I think that they become a little more balanced with use. The upper midrange is still quite strong though.
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  12. KopaneDePooj
    Yes I plan to get foam tips too. For now, after a few days of trying different tips and burning them in with music overnight they sound a bit more balanced to me too. But I think I just got used to the sound. In any case, the SoundMagic E10 that I used before is much more balanced and the mids are a bit more forward and fuller. The FH1 is more V-shaped, it has more detail and soundstage.
  13. kleale
    I have bought a new sealed pair from Ali from seller and 3 days ago I recieved it.
    It's a good sounded IEM for the price 80$. Warm signature is very suitable for rock. I use it with my new bassy signature FIIO X5-3. And I love this pair very much. Good job in sound FIIO!

    But as the other people I have the same problem with pooooor mmcx connectors. Why so bad quality!? Right.... out of the box the right channel iem have very bad connection with both two stock cabels.
    New iems! And what beeing after a couple of month of every day usage? Very good sounding, but very poor quality of mmcx connectors on stock cables! I cant use it well with my new fiio x5-3. When I turned my head with this iems the sound in right channel dissaperes every time. New 80 bucks iems!!! Why!! I have a lot of other chinees mmcx iems for 20 bucks yinyoo pro and yersen fen-2000 with mmcx connectors 2 times better and solid... Maybe I need a replacement now or other cabels... I dont know... But #Fiio come on!!! Do something New revision like f9 pro or something other.
    Here is demonstration. Help me... if you can.
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
  14. KopaneDePooj
    Looking at the video it is clear that the connection is too lose. The IEM shouldn't move that easily on the connector. Also the metal part of the connector is not visible in my pair. See photo above.
    Did you align the connectors properly the first time you connected? Did it connect relatively easy or you had to push very hard? Do the blue cable (left) go further in than the red one?
  15. Burty
    It seems fiio say sorry a lot.
    But why are there so many faulty pairs fiio?
    And what are you doing about it?
    These are pretty good sounding headphones for the money but fiio have terrible quality control.
    What annoyed me most was having to send the whole product back because of a shoddy cable.
    It has certainly put me off buying a fiio product again.
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