FiiO Factory Tour 2016

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  1. B9Scrambler
    That was pretty cool! Great look at FiiO :)
  2. Deftone
    very nice [​IMG]
  3. Faber65
    Even if nowadays it shouldn't be needed to say anymore, the article demonstrates once again that China is steadily growing in every aspect.
    Sometimes we, westerns, have a stereotyped and limited view of how fast China is improving.
    Ten years ago they were mainly copying and making cheaper, now the local industries R&D their own products, care about the quality and the service and have the strategic vision.
    Good article; well done Sir.

    P.S.: my wife and I are happy Fiio customers.
  4. nzvlam
    Cool visit! Thanks for sharing
  5. Blazer39

    i agree on that, but some independent manufactures still  have QC issues.
    however there are two Chinese manufactures that really impressed me, and that's FiiO and Venture electronics.  
  6. CH23
    most electronics nowadays come from China, but usually the company exporting or even controlling the manufacturing is not Chinese.

    FiiO makes good quality products, applies for licenses, and seems to take proper care of their employees. This is something you don't often see from Chinese companies outside of China.
  7. Faber65

    This is true as well, but as previous colonized we, westerns, did the same in the past.
    But I made the point not to remark that there are things that still don't work, but to highlight the fast development of China which, like in the case of Fiio, brings together also improvements to the business approach.
    To me it is a sign that the mentality is changing, and I can see it every day with my team of young engineers.
  8. CH23

    i meant it as a compliment to FiiO, and they are the change that shows the Chinese industry in a better light.

  9. Faber65

  10. goodyfresh
    It's cool getting to see where and how my X3ii was made!  Thanks for posting this.
  11. mesabassman
    Great thread and thanks for sharing. I have an X5 first gen (which I am selling to a family member) and an X7 which I truly love. So happy I found FiiO! Great company with great customer support.
  12. bluedolphin
    Is this the the Fiio head office Building in china?
  13. Soundsgoodtome
    ^^ Fiio groupie question alert. ^^ A bit of an odd question with pics and all. Probably better PM but if you get a tour too, that'd be cool. lol

    Awesome tour chowmein, thanks for sharing that experience.
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  14. chowmein83
    @bluedolphin Yes, that is the building where the offices are. FiiO takes up the entirety of one of the upper floors.

    The factory is located elsewhere in the city.
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