FiiO Factory Tour 2016

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  1. bruce1967
    Thanks so much for this! Very interesting!
  2. chowmein83
    Haha, I wasn't sure if he was OK with me taking pics of him, so unfortunately I didn't. [​IMG]
  3. Danneq
    Great thread! Cool to be able to see how FiiO's factory looks like.

    In 2010 I lived in Japan and I discovered that Audio Technica's main office (plus some form of production) is located in Naruse, close to Machida where I lived. I wanted to do something similar but I was too chicken...
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  4. maor26
    Very nice!
    Thank you.
  5. superbike999
    Very interesting and informative thread, many thanks for sharing your experiences with us
  6. CH23
    FiiO seems way larger than i expected. i thought they outsourced the production, and just checked the quality. but it seems that everything is done in-house. that's really awesome!
    thanks for this tour!

    P.S; got a scoop on anything not yet released? :wink:
  7. chowmein83
    No problem (and that also goes to everybody else with their nice comments).
    As for knowing anything not yet released, unfortunately I don't really know anything. I did petition for them to perhaps to release something either more desktop-focused (other than the K5), or make something that sounds even better than the X7, but we'll see what they think about those ideas...
  8. CH23

    i'm still hoping for a dock for charging with headphone out. and maybe desktop grade FiiO machines? who knows what the future may hold...
  9. Aerosphere
    I admire Fiio's idealogy and customer centric approach to this market. It is quite rare these days!
  10. skeewiff
    Love this company!
  11. Soundsgoodtome
    Cool, I like fiio products for portable use since they're reliable and affordable with now getting to be outstanding sq.
  12. Defenz0r
    Nice to have an insight of FiiO...
    I can't say im happy with previous FiiO Products. For example FiiO E07k Display burned in and didnt respond after short time usage (6 months 24/7). So i had to retoure. The E09k was still fine.
    No Product is perfect. But that a Display burns in and the electronic becomes unusable is a no-go for me. Im happy it was handled through Amazon because sent it back to China would be no option for me. 
  13. Sound Eq
    nice company
  14. 3 toes of fury
    WOW!  Thank you soooo much @chowmein83 for taking the time to post the great articles and photos from FIIO.   This is one of the best postings ive seen in a long time.   I love that you reference  Jason Stoddard and Schiit in your final article as Schiit and Fiio are two out of my top three manufacturers  (the third being Sennheiser).   Fiio is in a wonderful time of growth and offerings across price ranges.    Im particularly impressed with their DAP work over the past few years.   I own and love a gen 1 X1 and gen 1 X5.  I have a friend who loves his X7.    Its great to see that Fiio is showing no sign of slowing in its innovation and offerings.
    Thanks again...great acticles!!
    Peace .n. Living in Stereo
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  15. swannie007

    Thanks for the very insightful article. Nice to see some other companies that share a common philosophy of offering the consumer a fine product at a very fair price with good customer service. Aside from FiiO I can think of Schiit, Echobox Audio and Trinity Audio who put this philosophy into practice to very good effect. I own products from all of the above companies and will continue to support them in the future as I am a very happy camper as far as their products and service are concerned. Once again, thanks for a great article. Cheers.
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