FiiO F9, F9Pro: Detachable MMCX connector,Hi-Res Audio Certified,2.5mmTRRS/3.5mm audio cable

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  1. FactoryStock
    Say... After turning the knob/dial on dat Samsung, tap on Advanced and it will show the EQ graph. Then maybe see if the sound is similar on your X5 if you copy that EQ curve over? :thinking:
  2. George Taylor
    I should clarify, if I have to I can listen to them without using any adjustments (EQing) on my phone or tablet. I do just barely adjust the Google Play app, not the device itself. But I don't need to. But there's something about the base sound of the X5 III that just doesn't match up with the Pro"s properly. I know I've read in the DAPs thread that others have been annoyed about the base SQ of it changing as it's had software updates. I'm not giving up my Pro's or my DAP, just probably not pairing them up any more.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  3. FactoryStock
    Agreed on the no EQ thing. Hardware is where it's at.

    I'm kind of unwilling/densely averse to touch software EQs, meself. I think I need help, man. Heh.
  4. chupacabra314
    Also - tips. These are the most tip-dependent IEMs I've ever tried. Out of roughly a dozen pairs of tips I tried the Fiio stock black (balanced) tips are my preference - they subdue the peakiness a bit without totally killing the sparkle and without recessing vocals. The dark/red (bass) tips provide the best treble response for me but they make the vocals way too quiet. Of course YMMV.
  5. George Taylor
    I've been using the dark/red tips myself, may need to try switching back to the stock again.
  6. chupacabra314
    Even with the stock ones I experience a bit of treble fatigue after a couple of hours at which point I switch to the pink (vocal) ones. They noticeably attenuate the treble but some tracks actually sound better with them.
  7. Darren Cotter
    So with the F9, you get plain Black or Red depending on the colour of your F9's and also the Grey opaque tips with a red centre with both colours.

    My question is, which is the balanced and which is the bass enhanced tips?
  8. chupacabra314
    Ok here's a funny story. Take it with as many grains of salt as you wish but it worked perfectly for me.

    I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to fine tune the treble with EQ and tip rolling exactly where I wanted it but it just wouldn't work - the highs would either be too fatiguing or lose the sparkle. Then on a whim I took a piece of tissue paper (Scotties 2-ply facial tissue to be exact) and fitted it over the nozzle with a wide bore tip (the wider tube made the fit over the nozzle easier) and the highs are now spectacular for me without EQ. I've been listening for several hours now and there is no treble fatigue but all the detail and sparkle is there. Very high-tech solution indeed but worked well. :)

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2018
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  9. OliverBB
    Not really crazy as I've read people that use tea bags as filters so your story makes sense.
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  10. JamesFiiO Contributor
    good idea, maybe we should develop a new IEW and people can change the some parts so they get the sound they like.
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  11. bk123
    I received my F9 Pro yesterday. My first impression it is good but not as per my liking. I mostly listen to old hindi(India) songs.
    So, I have decided to sell it.
    PM me if anyone interested. I'm from India and I can ship to anywhere in the world :)
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  12. Darren Cotter

    Has anyone tried FiiO's rc-mmcxb balanced cable on the F9/F9 Pro?


  13. big45-70
    Is there anyway to get the tips that come with the F9 separately? I find they fit my ears better then most and I would like to pick up a few more sets for my other IEM's.
  14. aceedburn
    I was sent the RC-MMCXB cable when I bought the Q1ii, courtesy of Fiio. It’s an improvement over the standard balanced cable that came with my F9 Pro. Bass is tighter and more refined, mids are just slightly more forward and highs are less rolled off. Overall better clarity and soundstage also increased slightly. I’d say it’s a good improvement.
  15. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Thanks for the kind feedback. We would also report to our engineer about this and pay more attention about that.

    Best regards
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