FiiO F9, F9Pro: Detachable MMCX connector,Hi-Res Audio Certified,2.5mmTRRS/3.5mm audio cable

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  1. FactoryStock
    All right. I've spent about 24 hours with these Pro critters. Gotta say though, in comparison to my E17K+Havi B3 Pro I combo, these do not have the same vocal warmth/euphonics.

    Vocals are quite thin, while Havis have thick, sweet, syrupy female vocals. Soundstage x-axis is very slightly narrower but z-axis is wider. I noped out of the original black tips. The red-black bass tips accentuate only sub-bass without disturbing the rest.

    Right now I'm rocking the foam tips. Treble is still a little more tissy than Havis. I guess the only differences these have compared to the Havis are thinner vocals, build quality and replaceable cables.

    Sadly, I still prefer the Havis, because mids galore, man. I'll give myself some time to get used to these F9 Pros. Gotta get used to a non-laid back sound sig. Good job, Fiio, all the same.

    I could go crazy with the Havis and +6 the treble. With these, I gotta be careful though. But hey, replaceable cables, strong aluminium body, an almost close sound to the other one, what's not to like?

    Edit: Paragraphing and spelling
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  2. FactoryStock
    Good evening guys (it's close to midnight where I live)!

    Here is my final update before I resume my lurker low-life. I decided to give the vocal red tips a final chance. You know, the ones with vertical pattern on the stem and flat end. I swear, I had to triple check with the Havis again. What I lose slightly in soundstage width and isolation, I gain similar sound signature, with slightly, very slightly, brighter and clearer highs.

    Verdict: My quest for the Havi B3 Pro I successor ends right here. FINALLY. Bass is now back to 0, sometimes -2; treble fixed at 0. The only gripe now with these is, it shouldn't hurt to have a little more isolation.

    Thank you Fiio, thank you everyone at Head-fi. I am happy now.

    UAPP bit perfect > E17K > Bass -2/0 Treble 0 > F9 Pro, vocal tips > hiiigh as a kite

    Hope rest of you guys unite with your holy grail soon. Keep fighting the good fight. Cheers. not go gently into the good night
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light... :)
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  3. Dobrescu George
    Really happy to hear you're having so much fun!

    I'm also still in love with F9Pro! :darthsmile:

    I agree that the bass is on the strong side, but this means I use them when I want more bass, like with something dubstep or some raw metal :dt880smile:
  4. Selenium
    Anyone not want their F9? Mine was stolen. Trade? Anyone? Dunu Titan 3 perhaps? :triportsad:
  5. Youghin
    Would F9 Pro sound great even pairing with iPhone only? Anyone?
  6. Selenium
    Both reviews currently up seem to say they sound good out of most sources, including phones.
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  7. Brooko Contributor
    They are very easy to drive and any decent source (including an iPhone) will have no issues.
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  8. Dobrescu George
    Yes, absolutely :smile_phones:

    Not only they are easy to drive, I think they sound quite amazing with my T580, one of the reasons I'm enjoying them so much is this very easy to pair nature of them
  9. Youghin
    would the BA & Dynamic sometime don't syn well?
  10. Dobrescu George
    Nah, I think they work perfectly together!

    the BA handles the mids and the treble, while the dynamic the bass, so everything sounds pretty well placed together!
  11. superbike999
    I had real difficulty in attaching the right hand balanced cable and thought I was going to have to use a pair of pliers but was frightened of damaging them.
    I must have tried about 15 times before I could attach it. I had no problem attaching a silver FiiO balanced cable to my Shure 846, so I presume
    the FiiO connection is of poor quality. I haven't dared to try the SE cable now that I have connected it.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Had no problems with connections, and changed cables multiple times.
  13. chupacabra314
    On the first pair I ordered it was the opposite - the right connector was very loose. All the cables I tried would wiggle loosely in the connector and sound would cut out with every movement. The Fiio cables themselves were fine. I tried them with my other IEMs and the connection was great. The female part in the housing was the problem. I ordered a second pair and both connectors are ok. Will return the first pair.
  14. George Taylor
    I've had no issues with loose connections. If anything maybe the opposite. They're hard to get apart and then reconnect. Once I do they're not coming apart by accident. Another bit of "weirdness". Tried the Pro's with my Fiio X5 III, and can say it's the combo I like least for them. I simply cannot get the sound where I prefer it, and yes this means using the EQ. The treble peak is kind of impossible to get rid of without ruining the rest of the sound. In comparison, I listen to Google Play on my phone or my tablet most of the time, and using the basic "dials" to adjust the sound, I turn the one dial one notch towards the more bass/less treble and boom. It's all I need to do to make them sound wonderful. So, unless there's some setting on the X5 I'm missing I'll just stick to my various Samsung devices.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    Drop the 8 kHz slider by 3-4 dB - that's about all the EQ they need.
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