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FiiO EH3 NC - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by droid23, Oct 23, 2019.
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  1. hifi80sman
    I second that question.
  2. crabdog
    Here are my thoughts on the EH3 NC. I seem to feel the same way as most others who have commented: everything is great but the audio quality with ANC on could use some improvement.

    FiiO EH3 NC_9.jpg
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  3. TJ Max
    Just to add a bit of diversity. While I agree that the noise canceling reduces the fidelity of the sound. I don't ever plan to use the noise canceling at all. As with most headphones I've tried, the design of the ear cups and pads do a good job of passively canceling out noise on he their own, and music I'm listening to takes care of the rest. For this reason ANC has also come across as a bit gimmicky. For me comfort and sound quality are the priority, and to me the EH3NC do very well at both of these. I do think they sound better and have comfort greater or equal to the Bose QC35, 700, the WH-1000X, and the Sennheiser PXC 550, when being half the price of all of them.
    My only complaint is the build quality, the plastic near the area where the ear cubs swivel to lie flat or towards the head do make creaking noises that are sometimes audible while on your head. But still, they are totally worth it when considering all other characteristics. I actually just ordered a second pair.
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  4. hifi80sman
    I agree. The materials do leave a bit to be desired, but the internals are good and the sound is great. They are comfortable and handle calls quite well, although I do wish they had a sidetone.
  5. misteral201103
    Oh wow! That's you? I was the guy supporting your approach in the comments section!!! Yeah, as I said, nice review, balanced and fair.
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  6. crabdog
    Ahh, I didn't know that was you either haha. Thanks for the support! I was really surprised by that guys comment too.
  7. al2813
    Can someone comment more in detail on call quality compared to the best in this department (Bose / Jabra)? I need cans for my office/home work so lots of conf calls. The Sony XM3 I have now are great for music on the plane , but very bad for office work. I am still hoping to find something that excels in both departments (Don't see the need to have 2 ANC cans really...). Feedback is welcome.
  8. Mkoll
    Can anyone with the headphones and using them via Bluetooth comment on the LDAC connection? Both wireless headphones I have capable of LDAC (Sony WH-1000XM3 and Audeze Mobius) aren't able to play at the highest LDAC quality setting (990 kbps) without dropping the sound signal regularly; I have to use the middle "balanced" setting (660 kbps) for consistent playback. Given the EH3 has Blueooth 5.0 whereas those headphones have 4.2, I'm wondering if it's any better.

  9. Nebucatnetzer
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  10. MrBarbarroja
    I have seen a handful of people reporting a faulty pair or that it “blew” after being powered by an amp. Has anyone here had an experience like that? Fiio doesn’t seem to have a top notch QC on this one. :thinking:
  11. domino584
    A 10db jump to 4k. I'm curious how they sound after that. My pair arrives soon.
  12. Dartin Bout
    I had the Audeze Mobius for a week before sending them back. I did not find the LDAC connection at any of the 3 available levels to be worth the $400. I thought the planar would have more sound stage and detail when connected to either my LG V20 or to the Hidey AP80. The 3d features did not have any use, for me, as I've got the Corsair Pro 7.1 wireless for such needs and at $54 was better. The Fiio EH3 at $179 is an extremely fun if not overly accurate LDAC headphone in comparison. The passive NC is more then sufficient for my daily commute and gives enough detail to make 90 minutes of train riding, each way, very pleasant.
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  13. domino584
    So mine came in a few days ago.

    At first I thought I wasted my money. They've since really improved. But today, I'm not so impressed by them. The ANC is garbage and greatly muddied the sound. Today they don't sound that good. Still impressive for LDAC. App equalizer does nothing in Spotify. I find the mids a bit muddy. A dedicated amp does clean up the micro details.

    I dunno. I'm not sure what to think about them now. Definitely a good wireless set none the less.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
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  14. domino584
    And it sounds like there is something rattling on the inside now. Something broke. Just got to figure out how to get these earpads off.
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  15. Mightygrey
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