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Dec 19, 2011
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Fiio E9 - SOLD
Xonar U3 - SOLD
Paypal fees included, free shipping CONUS, potential international buyers PM for estimates.
Up for grabs is my Fiio E9. I am the second owner and it was originally sold to me by fellow Head-Fier Mad Lust Envy. It's a great little amplifier, but I'm wanting to sell it to move onto a more powerful amp. Just like many of the other E9s in circulation, this one can be a bit odd when using the 3.5mm jack, so I've always just ignored it. This is an early generation E9, so there is also a little noise introduced into the signal when adjusting the pot, but that has never really bothered me as it stops as soon as the pot is set.
Also, for any fellow gamers out there I also have an Asus Xonar U3 available for sale. This is great with PC, doesn't do anything for Mac. I've been recently using my Recon3D as it has native Mac drivers and it's doing a great job for me on both sides, so I'm willing to part with the little guy. Great USB DAC to get Dolby Headphone out of a PC. Has no built in amp really to speak of, you'll want an amp for any headphones that aren't efficient.
Both items come from a smoke free environment.
The photos show the imperfections/scratches on both the E9 and the U3. These have had a little bit of wear and tear on them. I had previously marked the indicator on the pot in order to easily see the setting but I have removed that for sale. It's now back to stock color.
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