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fiio e7+e9 microphone?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jla1991, Jan 1, 2012.
  1. jla1991
    Hey guys i have to send back my xonar essence i just got because it is defective so im thinking about getting the ffio e7+e9 combo. My question is can you use a microphone with this?
  2. Texpect
    I'm not sure what you're saying. Can you tell me more about what you're going to do?
  3. jla1991


    My old sound card is about to die. Thats why i bought the xonar essence but something is wrong with it. So im thinking im gonna send it back and maybe get the e7e9 combo. And when u combine the 2, the e7 acts as a sound card meaning i wouldnt need one. But it doesnt look like you can use a microphone with it. Unless i can use the onboard sound microphone slot but i hear it blocks u from using that. I could be wrong, which is why im asking you guys.
    I need a mic cause i play counter strike on a competative level. So if u cant use a mic then the e7e9 combo is out of the question.
  4. Texpect
    That's better. So, I can tell you, there's no microphone slot in FiiOs. :frowning2:
  5. jla1991


    do u know if i could use my onboard sound for the microphone? or does it make it so u cant?
  6. Texpect
    If you have a microphone jack you can surely use it :)

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