FiiO E7 - constant hiss/fuzzy noise from one channel; fixable without returning for repair?
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Dec 5, 2006
Noticed recently that my FiiO E7 is making some noise from the left channel (through both outputs). Tried multiple headphones, done all the usual tests. The sound is produced irrespective of whether it's in standalone or DAC mode, and fades in and out as you power the unit on and off.
Gently tapping the unit on the desk or against your palm does sometimes make the sound disappear momentarily, but it quickly returns. With the unit not plugged in via USB, the sound is a more constant hiss with a scratchy component; plugged into the computer it sounds more like RF interference. This leads me to think it's either a solder / earthing problem, or the PCM2706 is conking out perhaps? In the past, played audio seemed to not be affected in any other way (audio reproduced as expected with no additional distortion or problems), except of course for this persistent noise. Unfortunately tonight the left channel has also started to 'peter out' as the noise increases; now the level from the noisy channel is significantly lower than the working right channel, fundamentally unbalancing the stereo image.
In the past sometimes the noise has appeared then disappeared spontaneously, and if not used for a while (day or so) when it powers up the noise isn't present. I consider this unit to be fairly lightly used over the past 12 months. Tonight is actually the first time the noise hasn't gone away after unplugging and replugging my cans.
Regrettably the unit's past its 12 month warranty from the retailer (by two months!) - but in the UK we have certain retailer obligations as to what would constitute a 'reasonable length of time' for fault-free operation of electrical devices so that's a possible avenue to consider.
Suggestions anyone? Is the root cause of this issue already known, are the E7s prone to this? I was considering buying an E09K to drive my cans at home, but might now hold off and buy an ODAC or Bithead if this is a persistent issue.

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