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FiiO E6 vs E11 for volume

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by c1tpt, Oct 15, 2012.
  1. C1TPT
    Hi guys, 
    Total noob here but im trying to decide between the E6 and E11 for volume mainly. I have a Nexus 7 and when i watch a film on the aeroplane the volume is too low to here it comfortably! 
    Ive tried looking at the outputs for each but i dont really know what im looking for. So is the E11 worth the extra money for the extra volume? I know its a better amp etc. but just interested in volume at the moment
    Are these two amps what im looking for or am i after something else?
    Cheers guys,
  2. mikeaj
    I'm not even sure if it's explicitly listed, but the E6 gain is about 7.9 dB, while the E11 has two settings: 8.2 dB and 12.9 dB.  E11 has a more powerful output that starts clipping at a higher level.  So it has more gain and also more capability to actually operate at that higher level.  Note that 5 dB is not a lot in terms of hearing perception; about a 10 dB difference sounds about twice as loud, so keep that in perspective.
    I have no idea what level the Nexus 7 outputs, but it's probably something like 0.5V to 1V—but likely on the lower side unless you're actually taking insensitive headphones on an airplane.  Closed-back, high impedance, insensitive models are not that common.  Or maybe the Nexus 7 has too much output impedance and you're losing a lot of the signal across that, so really you don't need much gain at all?
    Anyway, why am I guessing?  What headphones are you using?
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    The Fiio E6 is a fairly decent headphone amplifier, can decently drive my 250-Ohm headphones.
    I would assume the E11 would last longer on one charge (leaving it on the low voltage setting).
    What headphones are you using?
  4. C1TPT
    Sorry guys, should have said! Just some cheap Sony MDR-V300, its the same with cheap ear bud headphones too!
  5. C1TPT
    What do you lot think?
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Your MDR-V300 are only 20-Ohms, so chances are they are very easy to drive (designed for use with portable audio players).
    I would say to get the Fiio E11 anyway as you can get extra replacement batteries (BL-5B).
    Some places sell the E11 with an extra battery and a simple AC battery charger.
  7. clark9r
    The MDR-V300's are a 24 ohm headphone. The E6 should work fine. 
    For a plane ride try an IEM, in ear monitors, the kind that plug up your ear if you can stand that.
  8. C1TPT
    Yeah I believe the MDR-V300s are 24 ohm, not really sure how this affects anything lol (sorry total noob)
    I dont think I would get on very well with IEMs. I have that sort of thing for my motor bike and never use them! 
    So you reckon the E6 will make a big enough difference for me to hear films comfortably on an aeroplane?
    Cheers again for your help
  9. clark9r
    The lower the impedance, specified in ohms, of the headphone the less power it takes to drive them..
    Unless they are really inefficent which your Sonys are not.
  10. stv014
    More precisely, it takes less voltage (but more current), assuming the sensitivity (dB/mW) is the same.
  11. nirvana das
    n an accident i have lost my 85% hearing  in my one ear...and other ear normal..
    i am a gamer n play counter strike 1.6...
    at full window sound i can listen very thin sound from my damaged ear..
    i need a very very loud amplification for my damaged ear..so i can enjoy my gaming..
    when i placed mobile speaker on my damaged ear than i can able to listen music from that ear...so u can determine how much amplification i need...
    can fiio e6 amp could do this..?

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