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FiiO E5 headphone amp - shipped FREE to the UK

  1. shaun_g
    FiiO E5 - shipped FREE to the UK

    As a special introductory deal we are offering the incredible FiiO E5 headphone amp with FREE shipping to our UK customers. The miniature FiiO E5 has taken the portable headphone amplifier world by storm with it's high specification and a sensible price tag (RRP £21.50).

    FiiO entered the headphone amplifier market in 2008 with the bargain priced FiiO E3, which got a lot of attention for it's small size and good value for money.

    The FiiO E5 is an upgrade from the E3 in every respect. With a signal to noise figure increased from 90dB to 95dB and distortion decreased from <0.05% to < 0.009%, the sound quality is improved substantially. The new case design of the FiiO E5 is much improved, making it more convenient for portable use. The E5's built-in rechargeable battery also makes it easy to keep the tunes flowing.

    Fiio E5 Headphone Amp

    Just connect the FiiO headphone amplifier between your portable audio device (iPod, iPhone, laptop, mobile phone, etc) and enjoy the improvement in volume (for harder to drive headphones) and sound quality.

    To claim your FREE shipping to anywhere in the UK just enter the code "HFFIIO-FEB09" into the FiiO E5 order comments when ordering at HiFi Headphones and we will refund your shipping cost at the time of dispatch (applys to First Class Royal Mail shipping only).

    More Information

    For a range of headphone amplifiers including the range of FiiO amps, please visit the HiFi Headphones online store.
  2. shaun_g
    Just wanted to let people know that the FiiO E5 just got a review at TrustedReviews.com.

    The guys at TrustedReviews are really into there headphones and earphones, so it's great to see them taken an interest in headphone amplifiers. They've also shown interest in the iBasso amps, so look out for a review of those in the coming weeks.
  3. kmhaynes
    I received my E5 about a week ago, and I really like it. I notice an increase in detail and clarity in all 3 of the phones I use regularly - SR80, NE-7M & PK3. I like to sleep with my PK3, and with the bass boost on the E5, I can listen at a low volume level but still get good bass response as I am drifting off to sleep.
  4. zestinger
    Anyone tested the E5 with an AKG? I have a K271 and am trying to find the right 'budget' pairing. They do amazingly well unamped (probably the only one in the AKG line, but I'm ok with that). Thoughts?
  5. iriverdude
    Will this be a upgrade over H140 headphone out?
  6. zestinger
    After about a week of use, I am thoroughly enjoying my e5+akgk271. I've tested out to other higher-end amps (and DAC combos) from headroom and nuforce, but in all honesty, for a fifth of the price of the nuforce and almost a tenth of the price of the bithead, this one has far exceeded my expectations.

    The dynamics are more pronounced, the bass boost providing just a little extra reinforcement, and the staging of the instruments a little more clear. For 20 dollars, it seems to me that unless you have a 100+ ohm 'phone or absolutely need a DAC, this is the model to turn to.

    The only downside in my view is that it seems a little more 'closed' sounding. I can't really describe it better than that except to say it has a little more of that 'in the head' feeling that many people complain about closed headphones in the first place. But I didn't really see an improvement in the openness from any of the other models I tried either, so no harm lost in my opinion.
  7. yimrsg
    Hi Shaun is the free postage offer still valid? I ordered a Fiio e5 from you before for myself and love it but was looking to buy one for a friend. Is the "HFFIIO-FEB09" postage code still in use? Thanks

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