FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)
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Also, has anyone experienced this little amp connected to Grado SR-60s or SR-80s, or any Sennheiser phones?

I am [a noob] using iPod Nano 3G > E5 > Senn HD280 Pro, and I like it, even with HP out and lossy files. I think it's perfect for the 280 Pro as they burn in over the next 10 years
, bumps up the bass and chills out the highs.

I put the E5 up to about 90%, and control volume with the nano, otherwise much distortion. Next up: LOD, which I hope will help with that.

Fun thread here, I read from about page 50 on...
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Is there a thread or can you supply info regarding this? I tried numerous searches but did not find specific details.

The e5's top end is indeed a touch dark, but nothing serious IMHO with the combos I tried and actually a bit "euphonic" in character. Depends upon your system synergy, I guess.


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Hi Johnny, do you have pictures of the transplant? Was it difficult? There isn't much room in the little E5, and it looks difficult to get apart. Please post your thoughts and pix if possible.



Hi Snake and Jackman

The AD8620 i transplanted into the e5 is i direct drop-in replacement to the installed Burr Brown op-amp. its just a matter of opening up the case, desoldering and resoldering carefully. the op-amps have the same footprint and orientation so its not difficult if you have any experience soldering surface mount parts.

opening up the e5 is a little fiddly but doable if you take care. there is one screw holding the clip on and that is the first thing to come off. make sure you dont lose the spring that falls out. then you need to push the plastic casing out of the metal 'sheath'. the pcb comes out of the plastic and the op-amp is under the battery (i think). the op-amp that needs to go is the BB OPA 2338. everything goes back together pretty easily.

the sound has definitely changed for the brighter side after this mod. the bass boost still works but i'm not sure about any battery life differences.
Its worth mentioning that i'm still not entirely sure that sound quality has actually improved as there is a grain in the midrange that i didn't notice before. however, that could be that the treble veil that the unit had stock was also coloring the mids too.

have fun!
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Hey guys,
I'm thinking of purchasing an E5 but just have a question. I'm currently running my Alessandro MS-1s through my Toshiba HD-DVD player. The problem is that the Toshiba doesn't have any volume control at all, so i'm stuck with a rather loud volume. I saw the E5 has a volume control. Would the E5 be suitable for using with the MS-1s(and occassionally my AD700s) through the Toshy HD-DVD without sacrificing any quality?

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Followup regarding my hum problems with the E5 first reported in this post (see there for details).

I ordered a new unit from head-direct. It does not have the hum problem, so it was definitely a bad unit (how rare we don't know, I think kpsalm was the only other forum member to notice/report the same problem).

I'm returning the old unit for a refund (I did this rather than a straight exchange, b/c I didn't want to be w/out a headphone amplifier while the exchange was happening).

Thanks to everyone who checked their E5's. If anyone else comes across the same problem - maybe the FiiO rep will take notice instead of blaming the problem on line noise.

BTW - both orders from head-direct were processed same day, and arrived in 2 or 3 days from NY to CA via first class mail - $24 including shipping.
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Got my E5 today.

I didnt expect any improvment but here's my impresion combined with AKG HD272 and i7:

the volyme increased around 4-15% depending on song.

SQ improvment 7%

My volyme on i7 is 38/40, beound that i'll get disortion.

Other thoughs:
These cans need more power than what is writen on description.
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sorry for the inconveniency of the problem!

the hum noise is cause by the power source, if the USB power source is clean enought , it will have not such noise! and E5 have not enough space to place a filter ciruit inside, it needs a bigger capacitor and maybe a bigger inductor!

And we are developing a new model call E7 will solves this problem, and my suggest is don't use E5 when it is charging or plug in the power! it is designed for portable used!

Thanks for all of you!

Is there a tentative release date for the E7?
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Originally Posted by JiPod /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Is there a tentative release date for the E7?

I heard a rumor of Q4 release, but don't quote me on that

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