Fiio E18

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  1. garage_logician
     I have seen mention of it buried in other threads and I was just curious if I was imaging it?  Any ideas when it will be available?   I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and from what I have read the E18 sounds like the perfect portable for me (assuming I am not dreaming it).  
  2. niten
  3. garage_logician
    No, it is the E18.  It is the new upcoming Android dac/amp.  Since I have an Android phone this is at the top of my radar.   I was really hoping that its arrival on the market was imminent, I am hoping that someone might be able to jump in here and provide additional details.
  4. firev1
    Its under fiiO's roadmap for future products but there has been no other information about it yet. Rest assure they have plenty of nice products coming our way in the future. Fiio's exhibition schedule 2012/2013 from their page on facebook.
  5. tme110
    which means it could be waaaaayyyy out there
  6. Salvatore
    Has anyone heard any new information on the E18?
  7. takato14
    Heard FiiO themselves talking about the E18 in the E17 FAQ thread, but no information about it.
  8. JamesFiiO Contributor
    Yes, the E18 will comes with HID features, so you can control the play/pause/previous/next in E18 without turn on the screen on  Android phone.
    The shape already decided, we now working in find a suitable DAC chip for it because too many FiiO model has WM8740. it is still very good, but
    I am wondering whether we should choose a new DAC chip.
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  9. takato14
    I'd love to see a better DAC chip in the E18; the E7's DAC is alright but not as good as I'd like. Maybe a slightly better Wolfson or something from the ESS Sabre line.
  10. GSARider Contributor
    I'll be at CES this coming year and look forward to visiting their stand...
  11. JamesFiiO Contributor
    Or we choose CS4398, or we choose PCM1794, the ESS9018 is too expensive for E18. ESS9023 is not as good as WM8740.
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  12. takato14
    As long as it's a better chip I'll definitely have a reason to get one. I'll leave the final decision up to the experts. 
    Show us what you got, FiiO!
  13. dcfac73
    What do you mean by "Android DAC"? The only Android device which outputs audio via usb is the Galaxy s3, so is it just a glorified remote control?
  14. takato14
    Almost any android device can output audio via USB with the proper work. You need to install a custom ROM. Some with locked bootloaders aren't options but I got my Droid (original) to do it.
    Besides, FiiO is probably going to develop an Android app for the phone to allow output. I'm sure you can bypass any software limits set by manufacturers if you have root access.
  15. 1986matt
    I emailed FiiO about the new E07K and the compatibility with the GS3 and while they confirmed the DAC wouldn't work, they did say another device was coming out for Android next year. When I asked them if this was the E18 and if so when would it be coming out I go the following response
    So sounds like we've got a while to wait yet, im guessing it's probably going to be more like Q4 next year but it's a sign of good things to come.
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