Fiio E17k Alpen 2

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ausername501, Dec 23, 2014.
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  1. AUserName501
    last updated 1/8/15 post #323. If I'm missing some impressions PM me.
    Link to announcement.
    1. 32bit/96khz USB audio
    2. DSD decoding
    3. Coaxial input
    4. Line in/Line out 3.5mm port
    5. Adjustable Bass (+-10dB) and Treble (+-10dB) like Fiio E17. See specifications image below to see how that affects frequency response
    6. Will dock to the Fiio E09s through the micro USB connector
    Fiio E17k is the same MSRP as the Fiio E17.
    Fiio E17k is being shipped worldwide now.
    Fiio E17k now uses the 11pin Micro USB connector and can connect to the Fiio E09s through this connector. The Fiio E09s desktop amplifier has not been released yet and may be released June 2015.
    Can connect to the Fiio X3/X5 through digital coaxial. Play digital audio through the coaxial output on the X3/X5 to the E17k. Note that any DAC with coaxial input works with any device that has coaxial output for stereo PCM audio.
    Reviews and Impressions:
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    SoundNews E17K Review

    Confirmed by Fiio that the E17k doesn't support optical input:
    The E17k losing optical input is by far one of the biggest losses for me personally and for many others. I understand that Fiio views the E17k as the DAC in the combined DAC+Amp combination of the E17k + E09s and therefore values DSD and 32/96 (placebo) over optical input. They probably had to make some tough choices in what to use and decided that the loss of optical input was worth the gain of DSD and 32/96. It's a real shame because many of the devices I would connect to only have optical output and that I must either continue to use the E17 (discontinued) or get a Modi 2 Optical/Uber or an AudioEngine D1.
    The E17 was a swiss army knife that I really appreciated at its price but I don't value 32/96 and DSD on the E17k over optical input. If I had to choose then I'd rather have optical. I understand that Fiio was possibly in a tough situation but I guess I'm still disappointed.

    It is quite a serious blow for me that the E17k doesn't support optical input. The reason is that many use soundcards such as the Sound Blaster Z for virtual surround sound and then output that virtual surround sound processed, stereo PCM digital audio from the soundcard via optical to a DAC with optical input. The reason this is done is because it allows you to use whatever DAC and amplifier you want while also having virtual surround sound. These soundcards do not have coaxial output. It would mean that I'd have to use the older E17(not E17k) which supports optical input, a Modi 2 optical/uber or Audioengine D1.

    I'll update this post with reviews and other information. If you've got information that you want me to add then it may be best to PM me.

  2. rmullins08
    I like the design changes they made vs the E17.  Would be nice if the E09K would still be compatible with it.
  3. AUserName501
    You can't use the dock with the E17k but you can use the line input on the E09k with the E17k. E09s will be compatibable with the E17k.
  4. rmullins08
    Ah yea.  Not a huge deal.  Haven't used the E17/09K much recently as I have picked up a bunch of schiit. 
  5. howdy
    Any thing on the MSRP?
  6. JamesFiiO Contributor
    The MSRP kept at the same although the E17K has more features and best performance.
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  7. JamesFiiO Contributor
    The ALPEN II used new dock connectors ( the 11 pin Micro USB ), and will compatible with the new E09S.
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  8. howdy
    Your awesome James! So when can I buy it?
  9. JamesFiiO Contributor
    We will start to delivery to the global market from today. and the ALPEN has discontinued !  
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  10. AUserName501
    Does the Alpen 2 support optical input?
    Does the Alpen 2 have a treble/bass equalizer?
  11. vipervick
    Nice, I love my E17 Alpen. But, 90% of the time it's just headphone out of my iPad to aux in. Still sounds awesome!
  12. Don Workinson
    Are there any plans for E18K and when it's coming out?
  13. AUserName501
  14. RedJohn456
    This is a HUGE dealbreaker. I was going to get it because the optical input would allow me to use it with my playstation. Why in the world would they go with coaxial? I mean seriously? :/
  15. RedJohn456
    Hmm yet you guys remove one of the best features :frowning2:
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