FiiO E17 "ALPEN" - First Impression + Final Thought

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by clieos, Dec 30, 2011.
  1. bowei006 Contributor
    Probably not.
    Play some music and use it for a day. 
    I doubt changing the sampling will actually fry anything if it can at all. Probably an incompatability between something sent.
    Play some music for a day and try it out. But yeah, doubt anything happened.
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  2. Chris J

    With any luck he will have a bright promising future in a prison farm, say 5-10 years.
    People like that disgust me.:mad:
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  3. Frankie007
    Ok guys so I e been reading this thread for like 4 hours straight trying to see if anyone has had the same issue I have. I got my e17 in last week and used it primarily with my desktop using USB and tried a coax today. I don't really noticed a difference going from 44khz to 96khz. Today I decided to hook it up to my MacBook and that's when it all started. Sound is greatly affected by switching from 32khz to 44 to 48 and to 96. Going from 32 to 44 and then to 48 seems to widen the sound stage and there's more of a sparkle now this is where things get interesting, when I switch to 96khz the sound is muffled there's no sparkle, it sounds like if you put your hand In front of a speaker. I tried everything I could think of I even switch to the optical out from my MB thinking maybe it had something to do with the USB port, same result. Everything is up to date on the Mac. It is an older Mac one of the white ones from 2007. Any ideas what could be causing this. Thanks guys I'm a bit confused by this.
  4. bowei006 Contributor
    Don't do 32. 44.1 and above. 
    The difference usually isn't as large as what you are saying if not even harder to tell
    have a friend/family run a blind A/B as they change it and ask you what you think it is. Getting 50% right is not good btw. 
    Anyway, some do have a gold coin for doing that stuff so see if you do. 
  5. Frankie007
    I know and that's what I'm trying to say on my pc the changes aren't very noticeable but on my MacBook they are very noticeable and jumping to 96khz from 48khz makes the sound worse
  6. Frankie007
    Ok guys so I've been up since like 7am( it's almost 1 now) listening to the e17 with various sources and comparing. I've compared my PC to my MacBook and what I was hearing last night is till true jumping from 38khz to 44khz to 48khz changes the sound dramatically on my MacBook and then going to 96khz just makes things really bad the sound is muffled. Now compare this to my PC and the sound is so different between the two with similar options. I ran the e17 from both my Mac and my pc through USB and optical and the results are all the same. From the MacBook at 48khz the soundstage is so wide and there's such a sparkle in the highs. The pc has great clarity but with a smaller soundstage. I did this comparison using the same track playing in sync from Mac and PC once going from USB from Mac and optical from PC and vise versa using the same 48khz setting on both switching between USB and optical on the e17. I went as far as to do a clean install of OS X on my Mac thinking that maybe an application was altering the sound and nope same results. Any ideas???
    Oh I also compared my iPods on the e17 iPod touch 2nd gen, iPod video 5.5 gen and 7th gen classic and of the three I prefer the touch did this very briefly while OS was installing on my Mac.
  7. Madelynn
    Go to the police or beat the crap out of him...
  8. catspaw
    Have you checked whenever your pcs/mac can actually handle those qualities?
    If you are using on board audio, its probably the 96khz on the mac simply aint supported or its not good quality?
    Not really sure here, but it does seem like your mac is the one with the trouble here.
  9. Frankie007
    Thanks that's what I'm thinking too something to do with my MacBook its 7 years old and it's been through hell the battery only last for like 2 hours the middle row on the keyboard doesn't work she's a trooper.
  10. rihsc102
    I have a question about using the iPad 3 with the E17. I was reading through this thread and saw some earlier posts saying that they used the iPad 3 like this:
    iPad --> Matrix USB to Digital Coaxial Converter --> Fiio E17 --> Headphones
    I don't understand why the converter is necessary. Aren't you just converting one type of digital signal to another? Couldn't I just get an iPad to mini-USB adaptor and connect it that way. Does the USB-DCC have advantages?
    Any help is appreciated. 
  11. CollectoR13
    I think the problem is that the Fiio draws too much Power over USB, so the CCK refuses it.
    But I also heard that you could use a battery powered USB hub or in General a usb hub, to prevent this.
    So the USB to toslink Adapter would not draw too much Power and delivers a digital signal to the Fiio.
    Hope you know what I mean!:)

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  12. rihsc102
    Ah ok thanks for the reply. Seems strange though because the Fiio has it's own power source. Would there be any difference in sound quality between the USB Hub method and the USC to DCC method?
  13. TrollDragon
    Seems to only need a little cable magic...
    From earlier in this thread...
    So it appears to only need data and a ground...
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  14. rihsc102
    So do you think I could modify a USB cable by removing pin 1 (power) from one end? Or would that not work?
  15. Frankie007
    Just got done setting this up image.jpg image.jpg
    all pretty much sustained on its on like this image.jpg
    just have to get a longer USB extension cable and there's room in there to add an iPod touch in the near future.

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