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FiiO E12DIY Limited Edition Version---DIY your own sound !

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jul 31, 2013.
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  1. Loquah
    Nice! I have a Burson V5i on the way which will pose similar casing issues I expect, but I will try it naked and report some comparisons with MUSES02, OPA627, etc.
  2. Bluess
    Nice, one note on the ss3602 is that it makes noise when you switch the power on and off
  3. Loquah
    Interesting. With buffers?
  4. Bluess
    Both Fiio's default
  5. Loquah
    So the V5i arrived today from Burson. Firstly, forget about fitting it in the E12DIY casing (in case that wasn't clear from other people's comments). Here's a pic to demonstrate: https://photos.app.goo.gl/76ctI1r2gLwUTqrt1

    Sadly, my first test session resulted in fried HA5002 buffers!!!! I should clarify that this was NOT user error as the V5i worked perfectly with the LM49600, but was a bit shaky with the BUF634. I'm not sure exactly what is going on to cause the problems (hissing, etc.), but I do know that my HA5002 are junk now.

    I expect to hear wonderful things from the V5i once I'm brave enough (and my ears have settled down enough) to try it again, but for now wanted to warn you good folks to be careful if using the V5i op-amp in your E12DIY.
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  6. Bluess
    Thanks for the notice mate, I'm about to receive them too.
    Stuck at the post for now as we're enjoying lunar new year.
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  7. Bluess
    So I tried it today with LM49600. You have to turn on high gain mode while running with V5I. Otherwise it doesn't have enough voltage or current to drive the opamp properly making the red light blinking sometimes while at low volume in low gain mode and hissing when you turn the volume. Working fine with high gain mode
  8. Loquah
    Mine seemed to work fine with LM49600 in low gain mode. Other buffers, not so much
  9. Bluess
    Hi guys, after a few weeks listening to V5iD, muses02 and SS3602 pairing with LM49600.

    My setup: X7II + E12DIY in high gain + Norne Draugh V2C + Denon D7200.

    I came to a conclusion as below:


    The muses02 to my ear is more mid centric and smoother compare to the other two.

    Meanwhile V5iD and SS3602 are much less mid forward, with v5i and ss3602 you will get more depth and width, much better clarity than muses02. The bass get more control with these 2. However the Treble in V5iD does not impress me as much as SS3602.

    Out of the 3, mid in ss3602 is the most laid back, i think that's the reason why I feel the air and space is wider?

    Anyway, considering the price tag SS3602 performs as expected. Meanwhile the V5iD is a surprise for me, it's half the price tag of SS3602 but the differences in performance is not that far off. I find them sounding quite similar, I think I can say SS3602 is an upgrade version of V5iD with twice the price tag.
  10. odessamarin
    Having no time to play with my E12DIY.. here on SALE now, if somebody interested...
    thank you
  11. Bluess
    It is a great fun to swap opamp and capacitor. My E12DIY is now a totally different beast IMG_20180414_000838_HHT.jpg
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  12. odessamarin
    Hey there.. just in case somebody interested, i have MUSES01, OPA627 and HA5002 for sale (Europe)
    All original and worked well in my E12DIY (sold)...
  13. andylesch
    How much is? Delivery to Ukraine.
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    Cheap Muses... lol. Just buy the Muses 8920, it's only $20 US
  15. Zweiguys
    Are the OPA627 and HA5002 still the general consensus as the best components to install?
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