FiiO E12DIY Limited Edition Version---DIY your own sound !

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jul 31, 2013.
  1. LeeU
    Did you order the buf634's with resistor from ibasso or solder them up yourself?
  2. snellemin
    They came from my Ibasso PB2. But it isn't hard to solder them on yourself.
  3. LeeU
    Cool, l thought i recognized those as ibasso's. I ordered a couple SHINKOH tantalum resistors in 220 ohm and 330 ohm as well as 4 buf634's to try.
    Thanks for the replys...
  4. Bluess
    Hi, is this thread still alive? I'm getting one tomorrow and can anyone recommend me a good combo for transparency and wide sound stage?
  5. Loquah
    Only just :wink:

    I quite like the BUF634 buffer (comes in the original kit) with something like the NJM5532 for transparency. I find the OPA627 produces a better stage, but it's a bit warmer so it depends on what you mean when you say transparency as some people interpret that as a 'cooler / more neutral sound'. In terms of hearing all the details and enjoying every second of the music, BUF634 + OPA627 is what I always come back to...
  6. Bluess
    Thanks for the help, which version should I go? 627AP, 627BP?
  7. Loquah
    My understanding is that they both perform the same. I can't recall the difference.
  8. Bluess
    Thanks again, then I will go with AP then. Just got 827 for a cheapie price,
  9. Loquah
    827 is also really nice, doesn't have quite as good an image as 627, but you might prefer it's "cleaner" / brighter sound
  10. Bluess
    Can you give me an image placing the 627 in the adapter. Thanks
  11. Bluess
    IMG_20171221_222026.jpg Opa827+LM49600 sound wonderful
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  12. Bluess
    IMG_20171223_160012.jpg I saw lots of people here having dirty looking board. I suggest using acrylic lacquer to clean it.
    Also can anyone suggest a good replacement for the capacitor in c6 and c7? Thanks
  13. CH23
    I have Silmic II in 22uF, 25V in my E12DIY. beware of fake ones.
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  14. Loquah
    Can some of the more technically / electrically experienced folks on here help me understand the wide bandwidth mode on the BUF634? How do I choose the right resistor value?
  15. hellfire8888

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