FiiO E12DIY Limited Edition Version---DIY your own sound !

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamesfiio, Jul 31, 2013.
  1. snellemin
    Swapped in Buf634 with the 220 ohm resistors attached for the high bandwidth mode. Different level of amp now. Complements the Muses01 opamp, which has the Wima cap mod. It's a tight fit, with the buffers touching the case. It's a good thing, as the buffers get quiet warm and heatsinks onto the chassis.

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  2. Loquah
    Interesting! Can you describe what you're hearing different now?
  3. snellemin
    It has the character of the Cayin c5.
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  4. Hal Rockwell
    What kind of resistors did you use and between what pin numbers did you solder them?
  5. snellemin
    The resistor is a 220 ohm value(Vishay Dale). The resistor is connected between pin 1(BW) and pin 4(V-), as can been seen in the pic.
  6. WillTirta
    Any info where i can buy genuine muses02 in taobao??
  7. audiofreakie
    Afaik not sure if it from chinese market
  8. Origen Ru
    Please can you pass the original Muses 02 Purchase Link?
  9. Origen Ru
    Is this original or false?
  10. ClieOS Contributor
  11. LeeU
    So can I solder a 220ohm resistor to the side of a 8 pin dip buf634 between pins 1 and 4 and put them in a e12 Diy directly with no adapter, not enough room on my TO-220 buf634's to solder the resistor
  12. snellemin
  13. LeeU
    Thanks, perfect!!!! How do you like the 634's with the 01, I have ha-5003 with a 02 and have wanted to try your combo for some time
  14. snellemin
    I personally like stacked 634's in high bandwidth mode. But it doesn't fit into the diy. With muses it sounds very analog. To my ears with stacked buffers, the sound comes close to the RSA intruder. But I lost most of my audio parts in the massive houston flood, so I can't help you with a direct comparison at this time.

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