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FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Headphone Amplifier - Announcement

  1. shaun_g
    The HiFi Headphones team is pleased to announce that the new Portable Headphone Amplifier from FiiO, the E12 Mont Blanc is now available to be purchased on our website.

    The FiiO E12 Mont Blanc is FiiO’s latest addition to their range of Portable Headphone Amplifiers. The E12 is the newer big brother of the superb E11, boasting a new look which is extremely durable with it’s all-over aluminium casing and seamless design. With improvments to the inner circuitry, FiiO have found the perfect balance between high-performance sound fidelity and long lasting durability. The E12 can be charged via USB on your PC, or by using your USB plug adapter. The unit will automatically adjust to the correct charging currency, the full charging time of the E12 is 3 hours.
    1. Smart Recharging User Friendly charging indicator
    2. Utilizes LME49710 & LME49600 Op amps, resulting in near-zero distortion at .00003%
    3. Large capacity Li-polymer battery provides +/- 11 volts, with total output power up to 850mW
    4. USB smartcharge circuit allow charging from laptop/PC, phone, or tablet
    5. Ability to drive high-impedance headphones such as planar-magnetic models
    6. Gain switch, bass boost, and crossfeed
    7. Durable and attractive aluminium enclosure

    To purchase the unit, please visit our website:

    Buy FiiO E12 Mont Blanc High Performance Portable Headphone Amplifier
  2. ukaudiophile
    I can honestly say that since getting mine that I use it practically every day for my work commute and love the huge improvement it has given me when using my iPod classic. Highly recommended!

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