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Fiio E12 DIY for sell, included the muse 01 chip

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  1. furyagain
    For Sale
      Selling my Fiio E12 DIY with the muse01 chip,

    have some scratchs on it as i was sanding the case to make it fit the muse01

    I have the receipt for the muse 01 from Mouser electronics, i know people may worry it is the fake one,
    I paid for the chip 109 Canadian for it 2 years ago.

    Used this unit for around 6 months, then i sold my portable headphones, and it been sitting on my desk since.

    I am selling the amp and have the muse01 chip in it for 130 (dtopped from 150)USD included shipping to U.S.
    or 160 Canadian dollars included shiping to canada

    (too bad i lost the pouch and the 4 rubber band,
    but i still have all the buffer and op-amp that come with the unit. ofcause the bos and the manual.
  2. furyagain

  3. Billyk Contributor
    PM Sent!
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