Fiio E11 starts 'blinking' when battery gets lower
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Apr 1, 2013
I have this amp for almost 2 years. It took a few pretty good beatings and I'm quite suprised it lasted that long.
Anyway, I have this issue that started some time ago, after a few hours of use without charging, the amp will suddenly start blinking, both audibly and visualy.
The blue light on the amp starts blinking quite fast, and the sound 'blinks' just aswell. As if someone put a fast gater effect in the amp.
When it starts blinking, using the amp any further is pointless, the blinking takes over everything and its impossible to continue listening (even when nothing is being played, you can still hear the blinking very clearly)
The problem is, the blinking defiently start way before the battery should be empty, so basically this results in me having to charge it every 3-4 hours or so
Is this battery related issue? is my amp on its way to the grave? is it fixable?

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