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FiiO E11 Review - Loud Things Come In Small Packages

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by joethearachnid, Jun 4, 2011.
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  1. JoetheArachnid
    I don't own a D-Zero, sorry. I generally use my E11 portably only and my E10 paired with my laptop, either for transportable use as an amp/DAC or as a pure DAC with my home amp. Mike from Headfonia compared the E11 and D-Zero in his review, so read that (and other reviews) and see which sounds best for you. I guess it all depends on what sound you want as well as whether you want all-in-one convenience, battery powered etcetera.
    I hope you're happy - I've managed to keep my post count on 666 for months. [​IMG]
  2. hikergrl
    Joe - great review - thanks! 
    In your opinion using headphones (as opposed to iems) on a DAP is there a pretty good chance that the headphones will sound better with a headphone amp (like the E11)?  I've got Audio Technica ATH-AD700's using a Sansa Fuze.  I don't need to max out the volume to drive them (its only about 50% of the volume).  But the AD700's unquestionable sound better powered from the headphone out of a preamp (on my main 2 channel set-up).  I'm just wondering whether it would be worth exploring the E11 for use with the sansa and the AD700s.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
    Also commiserations on your loss of your "culturally-significant" number of posts (I'm just so glad it wasn't me that caused you to lose your 666 status!!!) - cheers Hikergrl
  3. BleaK
    great review and writing style! Hope to see more reviews by you :)
  4. JoetheArachnid

    I'm not experienced with the AD700s but if you feel that they benefit from amping then you could do a lot worse for the price than the E11. From what I've read the 700s are pretty trebly, so the dark nature of the E11 plus bass boost could potentially give you a more balanced sound. Equally the somewhat muddy treble of the E11 could completely ruin the AD700's top end (or tame it?). It's your call, really. Sorry I can't be of more help. Sorry for the late-ish reply.

    I do enjoy writing reviews, but the costs involved not so much. Given that I like DIY for home amps, am happy with my current DAC (I meant to write an E10 review but couldn't really find much to say beyond 'amp sounds like an E11 and the DAC sounds like music but a bit clearer than before') and am unlikely to buy any currently relevant headphones in the near future, don't hold your breath.
    Unless you're paying, that is. [​IMG]
  5. roma101
    I have to say, this was one of the best, most honest reviews I've read here on Head-Fi. Looking forward to other reviews from you :) Good stuff.
  6. ch96066
    Let me add first that indeed this is a very readable and down to earth review. In a lot of points I cought myself thinking 'I couldn't have said that better my self'.
    I recently got my E11 reading the overwhelmingly good things about it. I battled it out with E7. I already had E5. Basically my decision was to go for the portability of E5 with my KSC75's and the power of the E11 with my (to arrive soon hopefully) 668Bs for home listening.
    I subscribe 100% on the part of the review on built. What has struck me is how light it is.
    I have bought also a battery just for the feeling of security :). I guess correct conditioning of any battery has a lot to do with the performance, so I will work on that as well.
    Coming to the sound. So far I am listening out of iPod 3G (treble reducer) with LOD L3 and the volume a little over the middle. Amp is working at 3-4 with high volt / low gain / EQ=0,1. I will definitely try asap the low volt / high gain / EQ=0,1 setting for comparison. I tried EQ=2 only briefly but everything gets muddy. E5 is in the 'mid' EQ position (more like a high gain effect for me).
    On the KSC75, I listened for comparison to tracks from the Itunes downloaded il Postino soundtrack. Briefly put:
    1. E11 sounded generaly more forward/nearer the action to E5.
    2. To my ear detail and timbre was present for both amps in similar perceivable SPL (if this phrase makes sense). Perhaps the seperation of E11 is a bit better as it brings the stage to the fore.
    3. On hiss I think I can hear it more from E11 than E5.
    4. Overall feeling is that is E11 is slightly more fun/lively/entertaining than E5. However, I don't think that the E11 is really needed over the E5 for the KSC75.
    Back with an update on the 668B...
    Once again great review and subsequent discussion.
  7. JoetheArachnid
    I rarely find anything that I listen to above 3 on the volume knob on low gain. Even with the 150ohm RE-262s I find that I'm generally only on about 2.5. The only thing I have that needs more power is the 600ohm K240DF, and that's not really a fair comparison.
    I've never heard Superluxes but I've heard many good things about them and they should be a good match with the E11 drivability-wise. Glad you enjoyed the review, anyway.
  8. ch96066

    Writing as I am listening to the E11 at the scenario low V / HG /EQ 0. I think I will give this setting some time to grow on me. The result vs the high V / Low G / EQ 1 is better tracking, seperation and an airier feeling overall. I am working on the iPod EQs to see what sounds better (to me). Piano seems to be doing the trick (for now).
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