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Fiio E10 vs JDS Labs CmoyBB v2.03

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by djevoultion, Dec 4, 2011.
  1. djevoultion
    Hey just curious on how the E10's amp section compares to the JDSLabs? Has anyone had experience with both? I own the E10 and wondering if its viable to purchase the CmoyBB to improve sound. 
    Also curious about the Bass Boost, I generally have the BB switched on for the E10 - how does it compare to cmoyBB?
  2. bowei006 Contributor
    I would also like to know this. :) i'll be following this thread :)
  3. Hi-fi Wigwammer
    I haven't heard the E10. I have owned an E11 and still have the JDS cMOY V2.03. I much prefer the JDS over the E11. I found the E11 a bit grainy and dark sounding. It certainly was a good amp for the money, I can't deny that. It's just that the JDS is cleaner, smoother and just more musical with my UM customs. I've just taken delivery of the new JDS C421 - now that is stunning!
  4. wichogt
    Great, a recent thread. I just thought of going this rout myself. So if someone out there has any expericience with this combo (E10+CmoyBB) I will also be apreciate your thoughts.
  5. kmhaynes
    I also haven't heard the E10, but had the E11 (sound sig. is not very different according to E10 vs E11 reviews), and did have the CMoyBB for a while as well.  The E11 has a very clean, clear sound, but might be considered "cold" by some as it did not add any bass or mid warmth.  It clarified everything making it a bit dry sounding, which is great if you want a very clear analytical sound.
    The CMoyBB is a warmer, more musical sounding amp.  The bass and mids sound a bit thicker and fuller on it, and while it was about as clear as the E11, the warmth added made you think "musical" rather than analytical. 
    Seems that these 2 amps should be thought of as different products:  CMoyBB as an amp; E10 as a DAC (with amp capabilities).
    pwange04 likes this.
  6. pwange04
    Thanks kmhaynes, I also am interested in this topic.  I think at under 100 , I should go for the Behringer UCA202 DAC paired with the cmoy bb?  Would this be overall better than the e10?
  7. syphen606
    I have an E10.. and as well as Cmoy 2.03 in 2 varieties (9v with OPA2227 and 18v with AD8620).   Both Cmoy's are cleaner sounding amps then the E10. I typically use them on the line out of my E10.
  8. Destroysall Contributor

    Which one do you prefer of the two?  I've read good on the OPA2227 version.

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