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FiiO E10 Olympus vs Audioengine D1

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by weirdg, Feb 15, 2013.
  1. WeirdG
    Hi all,
    Long time follower, first time posting.  I purchased an FiiO E10 Olympus last week, and this week there's a really great sale on for the Audioengine D1.  I plan a DAC/Amps only with headphones, and I'm wondering if there'd be a noticeable difference between the two with the sets I have.
    I'd be using them with the following:
    - Audio-Technica ATH-M30 (love these specifically because there is no sound leakage)
    - Shure SRH-440 (this is my travel set)
    - AKG K550 (just purchased these, but not sure if I'll keep them)
    - Denon D2000 (thinking of getting these and getting rid of the K550s)
    Just noticed I could've posted this under the portable headphone amps section.  Mods, please move.
  2. WeirdG
  3. StratocasterMan
    Here is a professional review where the reviewer states his opinion that the E10 "stomped all over the D1."
    Your mileage may vary.
  4. WeirdG
    Thanks for the reply.  I was really hoping to hear from other forum members, since I don't put much stock in CNET reviews.  I usually take them with a grain of salt.
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  5. ACST

    the audiophiliac can be trusted.
  6. jaywillin

     i have both , and use both, as for use as a straight head amp, the e10 is at the very least equal in sound quality, but the addition of the bass boost, and gain adjustment, it can sound better than the d1. now where the d1 smoke the e10 is when used with powered speakers, in my case  a pair of a2's. thats just what my ears say to me
  7. WeirdG
    Thanks for the reply.  Since I posted this thread, I'm turned into a bit of an addict.  I purchased the E10, and then a few days later I purchased the D1 since it was on sale on MassDrop.  While I was waiting for the D1 to arrive, I ordered an O2+ODAC combo from Mayflower Electronics.  I absolutely love it, and use it at work now.
    For home use, I was looking at the Magni/Modi combo and some of the Audio-GD devices.  Then I did some more digging around, found some more expensive units with features that really interested me.  I was think of going with an Audio-GD NFB-11.32, but they're out of stock on the Audio-GD site.  I PM'd KingWa on this forum some questions, and also emailed the Audio-GD website to ask about stock availability, but neither responded.  As good as people say the Audio-GD units are, if they can't respond to my messages within a reasonable amount of time then I'll give somebody else my money.
    This past week I started looking at the Cambridge DacMagic Plus.  There was a lot of positive feedback and great reviews regarding the unit.  The issues people had didn't seem to difficult to overcome either.  I definitely did not want to spend over $500 on a DAC/Amp, so I checked eBay and Audiogon.  Most people were selling new units for upwards of $500, and then I found someone selling a used mint condition DM+.  I ended up buying it for a little over $400, and it's being shipped to me as we speak.
  8. jaywillin

    before i got the d1, i had the modi, using it just as a dac, it leans towards the bright side, and i've heard  the same from others. its very good, but on certain tracks, it didn't sound so good. i believe the next i may try will be the hrt microstreamer, its under $200 , just under $300 is the ifi idac, and the centrance dacport, and don't forget the dragonfly too
  9. WeirdG
    I'd have to recommend the O2+ODAC combo for a little under $300.  I got Tyler at Mayflower to customize mine to how it wanted it for $281USD shipped to Canada.  It'd prolly be a little less for you since you live in the US.  Definitely worth the price though.  They sounded great with my Beyer DT770 Pro 250 cans, but I use it at work with some Audio-Technica ATH-M30 cans, and they actually brought some life to them.  I'm hoping the DM+ will sound better.

  10. jaywillin

     i had actually thought about trying some of his headphones, or getting some t50rp's and modding them myself, i may look into the 02+0dac , thanks
  11. jaywillin
    just got the hrt microstreamer
    its smoking !
  12. WeirdG
    Nice... How does it compare to the other DACs you have?
    I just received my Cambridge DACMagic Plus today.  I love how CanadaPost just left a $600 piece of equipment on my doorsteps.  What?  Good thing I live in a good area.  In any case, this thing is pretty sweet.  Seems to work well with my Beyer's.  I have it hooked up via USB, and I'm using foobar with ASIO audio output.  Been listening to some Elbow, Massive Attack, Eagles, Emily Haines, and Beach House.  The sound is pretty impressive so far.  I also like all of the output options on the back.  At some point I might pick up some speakers to go with it.
  13. jaywillin
    In my system, the e10, and had the d1, and the modi.
    All 3 good, and I liked the d1 the best, it had a channel that cut out a couple of times, so I returned it, (I had one before and sold it).
    The microstreamer is by far, the best , most natural, organic sounding dac I've ever heard, and I'm including hi fi dacs too, for regular stereos
    Extension, detail, not harsh at all
    I've always been impressed with Cambridge audio, had a CD player of theirs back in the day
  14. Wheelzz
    On a somewhat related note, as the thread is regarding the E10, and the OPer has Beyer DT770 cans. Have you had any trouble with the 770 connector with the E10?
  15. WeirdG
    Sorry for the late reply, but I got rid of the E10 before I purchased the DT770 cans.

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