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FiiO E10: Is this normal/fixable?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by ciaw525, Dec 13, 2011.
  1. ciaw525
    Just got my E10 (new batch) and am using it with a MacBook Pro but I'm having a small issue.
    Whenever audio is played after a period of silence (even milliseconds of silence) the first half-second or so is so quiet that it's often inaudible but only for the first half-second and then jumps to full volume.
    Not a big issue with movies or music as once they start playing things stay perfect, but user interface sounds and being completely swallowed by this issue.
    The easiest example is with the Mac volume keys.  If nothing is outputting audio and I adjust the volume, the normal pop sounds you hear are not coming through the E10 at the proper level.  Even if you repeatedly press volume up or down, because there is a millisecond of silence in-between each volume sound, each one suffers the same fate and is virtually silent as the sound is shorter than the time it's taking the E10 to kick in.
    To be clear, the sound is playing.  If you listen realllllyyy closely you can hear it in full, it's just the first half-second of any new audio output is super quiet.  And again, only when coming from output silence.  For example, if a music track or something is playing in the background, interface sounds output fine over that.  It's as if the E10 goes into instant sleep when there's a silence and then takes a half-second to fully wake up once something starts again.  This happens over Headphone AND Line out with 100% consistency.
    Have tried changing all settings on the E10 (bass, gain, volume), restarting the Mac, changing USB ports, and a second computer (an iMac).
    Any thoughts would be much appreciated especially from other E10 owners.

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