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FiiO E09K and E07K

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  1. BillsonChang007

    FiiO is an extremely well known audio company specializing in amplifier, DAC and recently, into DAP. While FiiO is a made in China company, but their end products definitely don't look like typical made in China products. In other words, the quality is excellent! Pure excellent for the price! FiiO is also well known for their performance to price ratio. For those who own their product(s), you'll get what I mean.

    The E09K and E07K is two of their many successful products. While it does have several flaws, but overall, these two combos are just pure excitement, but that's for sure, FiiO made them to be two good brothers. They work hand-in-hand to power a high impedance headphone or any hungry headphones. The E07K is a lil brother of this rig, although he plays a huge role. The E09K is like an elder brother giving the extra "push" to the E07K. Signature wise, they match each other extremely well.

    Before we get into details about sound quality, will first like to have a look at their build quality itself. Like every other FiiO products, they are nicely finished and well built. Nothing fragile. The footprint of E09K is small and does not take a lot of space on your desk. I do, however, have a minor problem on their accessories though. The power cord is just way too short. The majority of us will be using these little germs on the desktop and obviously, there will be CPU, printers etc. It would be ideal to have a longer power cord. I myself, need a shorter chair than my table to put these germs as the cord wasn't long enough for me, but that may be because my power point is slightly further than usual. I would strongly recommend FiiO to have longer cords for their E09K. USB cord is right in length and pretty standard. Both come with rubber foot. I doubt the need of using one for E07K but it's extremely useful for E09K as it sits on top of your table most of its lifetime and you want to make sure it don't get "injured" at the bottom.

    A 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable is included for E07K together with two screen protector + 1 pre-applied. A pouch and silicone case is the best accessories for E07K. Comes specially handy while travelling. The screen protector is not scratch prove and I am currently using the last one that it came with. Does have some scratches already, but at least, it's not the E07K itself getting scratched.

    Functionality wise, both are pretty easy to use. The tiny screen of E07K is definitely of no high resolution, but it gets its job done, greatly. I can handle it under the sun, although not extremely clear, but I find it most suitable under table light brightness. Everything can be done within just 4 buttons on the left side of E07K and "hold" switch on the right. It took me only a short while to get used to it and hey! At least you don't have to play with setting every time you wish to switch to E09K as amp or vice versa. There's just a lot of cool functions you need to explore yourself in the FiiO E07K and E09K yourself or check out FiiO website. It's too long to list in this review and I am getting way too excited about its sound quality.

    First off, the FiiO E07K. The FiiO E07K have decent soundstage, but it is far from being neutral. It's more towards warm and dark sound signature. I LOVE it. I find it a good synergy for B&O H6 which is more towards thin side. The added warmth makes things sound more musical to my ears. Adding +4dB bass in the E07K gives extra "OOM" but does lose out a little if you go too far with certain headphones. Nevertheless, it's a good portable amp/DAC for starters. I find it a reasonable upgrade from my iPhone 4's internal amplifier. It makes the iPhone 4 sound lifeless, and thin. The FiiO E07K, in this combo, is a better suit for lower impedance headphone than E09K. Pretty low output impedance with plenty of power to drive most headphones to decent volume with exception of orthos. Additionally, FiiO E07K uses WM8740 DAC, which is found in many popular DACs and DAP, including FiiO's X3 and it can hit up to 92KHz/24bit for E07K.

    The E09K simply takes the E07K amplifier to the next level with just one drawback; the output impedance. It should be understood that, the E09K have a 10 Ohm output impedance and that it is only suitable for headphone impedance with 80Ohm and above or any headphone with flat impedance vs frequency, but other than that, the E09K is a clear upgrade over the E07K amplifier section. Much better dynamic, a more open soundstage and it is also far more neutral and transparent. The FiiO E09K is a very powerful amplifier, and it is slightly more powerful than the already powerful E12. The E09K only take in 6.3mm headphone jack while the E07K only take 3.5mm headphone jack. You can only plug in 2 headphones at a time into this combo, otherwise, it will show error on your monitor.

    After all, the FiiO E07K and E09K is an excellent desktop and portable combo. There's pre-out, line our and aux in RCA at the back of E09K which makes it very flexible for any upgrades in the future. For $200, it's a great starter rig, and it is pretty underrated here. I would have kept them if it wasn't for the need of getting a more portable solution. Highly recommended!
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  2. buddymydog
    So i am planning on buying the sennheiser HD650,,,i have a sansa fuse...will this amp combo work with my sansa (im a newbie lol)
    I didnt realize it was possible to use 2 headphones with this combo. I'm going to give it a try with my E17/E09k.
  4. BillsonChang007

    You can only use the E09K as amplifier connected to aux in via RCA to 3.5mm cable :) the FiiO E07K's DAC only work in USB

    Hope it helps
    Billson :)
  5. Mjolnir125
    Hmm, I find that my e07k has MORE treble and is brighter than other sources; I wouldn't describe it as "dark" or "warm" at all...
    How much can an amp really affect soundstage? Did you do a blind test to confirm that the soundstage on the E09k was actually "larger?"
  6. 62ohm
    Gratz for the featured mate, great write up. PS: It would be awesome if you can include a comparison with Schiit Magni/Modi or Vali/Modi.
  7. DBO240
    I use this combo with a set of HD650's and it works very nicely. Some reviews I read was that it struggled to drive the HD650 cans but that's not my experience. The sound is very good and with ample power when switched to the "gain" mode at the back. 
  8. BillsonChang007

    I compared with iPhone > E09K, TV > E09K, iPhone > E07K, PC -> E07K & E09K, iPad -> E09K, iPad -> E07K.

    As for soundstage, not very much, but does affect a little but can be noticeable with certain headphone.

    Hope my review does not offend you :frowning2:
  9. BillsonChang007

    Thanks :D Wish I could have those Schiit Audio's to compare haha
  10. Eqaluzed09
    I am a newbie also just getting started and had the FiiO Brand recommended to me. After reading this review it defiantly seems like they are a great product especally for the price and I defiantly think it's a great starting point. I'm not sure witch set up would be good to go with tho. I have not phurchased my headphones yet ether. But was thinking HD650s. I prefer warmer sound. I don't like the sound to be overly bright. And not a lot of bass ether, I like to know the bass is there but don't want my head thumping if u know what I mean. Any ideas on what a good starting setup would be? I'm not set on a particular set of headphones ether but would like to stay around the same price as HD650s and am open to suggestions
  11. BillsonChang007
    The HD600 is a great pair of headphone, I like it a lot specially for the warmth. Do note though, the HD650 may defer from HD600. Other headphones that you can look into would be PSB M4U1 with E07K for the warmth and DAC or AKG K167 or possible K267 which is quite underrated here. They are all good headphones just depends on what exactly you are looking for.
    Hope it helps
    Billson :)
  12. Jasonsdman

    I do own he E7&E9 combo, but I'd imagine that the newer version is not that much different. I think that this combo should be quite capable of most headphones out there. The E9 drives my HD800, LCD2, and other headphones with plenty of power to spare so the HD650 should be no sweat. Whether the bass is going to thump depends mostly on the headphones, not the amp.

    Comparing the E9 to my other amp, the Soloist SL, which costs 5x more, the E9 can hold its own as far as sound quality goes. As a matter of fact, I much prefer the slightly warmer sound of the E9 over the comparatively neutral Soloist SL because to me it makes music feel more engaging.
    For the money, I think the Fiio combo is totally worth it.

    I have not heard the HD650 or the HD600 so I can't comment on their sound. I do believe that the type of music that you prefer is very important in deciding which headphone is best for you.
  13. destroyerryu
    Hello there,
    very nice review good read indeed
    I just have 1 question:
    Do you think the E07K would be enough to power some He-400 Headphones or is it really necessary to get them the E09K?
    I know its the wrong thread to ask but it seems I can never find someone experienced enough with Fiio products especially the E07K.
    Edit: The picture you used of the E07k + E09k is pretty bad since those are black-devices in black background making it hard to get a nice view of the devices.
  14. BillsonChang007

    The E07K should be able to drive the HE-400 but the E09K will give the extra push to it, the E07K really, is not that great for headphone like HE-400 without the E09K IMO.

    Yeap, thank you for your honesty xD Will change it if I have the time for it given it's leaving me for good... (Need a portable solution)
  15. Eqaluzed09
    What if I like many types of music? As far as the HD-600 vs the HD-650 what are the differences as far as sound goes?
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