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FiiO E07K + FiiO E09K + Vented and opened grill Grado SR60i + Shipping

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  1. BillsonChang007
    For Sale
    Hello everyone!

    Selling my FiiO E07K and E09K together with Grado SR60i.

    FiiO E07K's condition:
    - like new; always carry them with the rubber case and pouch when it is away from FiiO E09K
    - comes in all accessories originally included except for screen protector, the last screen protector is applied on the E07K itself and got some scratches.
    - perfect working condition
    - include original box that is in perfect condition.
    - original user manual papers are included.

    FiiO E09K's condition:
    - like new; they never leave my house and hardly away from my PC.
    - includes all accessories originally included.
    - all original boxes
    - the power adapter PLASTIC pin is broken. It does not affect performance or anything. They still work 100% except for the broken plastic as seen in picture. I still got the plastic pin included in case you can fix them.

    Grado SR60i's condition:
    - original box
    - I lose the 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack originally included
    - cables are slightly bent but they still work 100%
    - I removed the grill using scissor. Vented the holes as well

    Reason of selling:
    - the Grado SR60i is already in the box for over 3 months, took it out today and they are still working perfectly. I got no more space for the Grado SR60i sadly but I will for sure buy another pair of Grado maybe next year and wood them when I have slot for headphones. Really love these Grado personally.
    - the FiiO E07K and E09K have been sitting on my desk collecting dust every day and then I brush them off at night ever since I got the Micro iDSD. Gonna miss them too!

    Price included shipping worldwide but excludes any extra charges. Negotiable but no low ballers.

    Happy listening
    Billson :)
  2. BillsonChang007
    SOLD to gyx11 many thanks everyone!

    Happy listening
    Billson :)
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