FiiO Dual Driver IEMs FH1 Carrying Knowles 33518 is Available!

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  1. FiiO

    Ever since its release at FiiO 2017 Autumn Launch Event, the FH1 has soon caught the customers' eyes with its attractive design. With the holiday season coming, let's welcome the arrival of the FH1!

    The FH1's name "Un Bel Oeil" is derived from the French way to say “a beautiful eye” - so chosen to reflect the FH1's oval, pupil-like design. This design is further enhanced with the presence of the chrome trim, specifically placed to recall one's eyelids. Apart from its design, let's check more details of FH1!

    Hybrid Dynamic (Titanium)-Balanced Armature (Knowles 33518) design for double the detail
    Brass for natural, effortless sound

    Carefully-crafted crossover design for balanced, precise sound

    Hi-Res audio certification

    Freely switch between balanced and single-ended with standard MMCX connectors

    Colors and texture for easy identification and replacement

    Nano-coating for a better wearing experience

    Easy to plug in with right-angles

    Over-the-ear design for an enjoyable experience

    Red, green, blue and black, for a more colorful you

    Unexpectedly Thoughtful Accessories, etc

    >> For more detailed introduction of the FH1, kindly check at:

    Owing to the limited quantity, we arrange the first available batch (limited to Black color only for now) on FiiO Aliexpress store for those who can't wait to grasp one asap, you can kindly check at: >> Purchase Link

    More stocks will be available by the middle of this month, we will update the daily delivery info and you may check with our worldwide sales agents at for its availability by then. For better before and after sales service, we suggest you to wait till then to buy from local sales agents.

    Btw, more colors of the FH1 will be available soon in the future. So please stay tuned with us!

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    FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
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  2. Ahmad313
    Excellent , waiting for some early impressions,
  3. Keshav
    The price on aliexpress is 89usd instead of 75.
  4. FiiO
    Retail Price in USA: $74.99
    The price in Aliexpress is for free shipping via DHL, so the cost may be higher.
    Best regards
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