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FiiO BTR3-The World' First Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier, SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA (LHDC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Aug 8, 2018.
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  1. highlightshadow
    It's an addiction :)
    But deffo a good quality bargain - you'll be happy with it
  2. LibiSC
    I read the first pages and got confused. I know the 1/8 rule for amps and headphones. Btr3 has 0.333 output impedancd according to fiio. Why it shouldnt be usef with a 5 ohm iem?
  3. Paulnguy3
    Purchased my btr3 a few months for wireless exercise with my final e4000. However I’m falling out of love with it as it can annoy me more times than none(used to neckbuds). Besides the slight clunkiness, the amp is powers the iems very well.

    Let me know if anyone wants. Will include Fiio short cable as well.
  4. PeterMac
    FiiO start selling replacement battery for BTR3, you start selling silicone cover, but battery replacment would be better idea.

    When we will get Equalizer ?
  5. BenKatz
    Wondering the same thing. This is exactly what's missing. An EQ to -slightly- bump up the low freq and recess the 4 to 6k ranges to give the sound a tad more soundstage.
  6. speedingcheetah
    Do you have a link to a English (USA) page where one can buy this case for the BTR3?
    The only page I can find direct for Fiio is all in Chineese when you change language to English. and I do not find the case (SK-BTR3) on Ebay or Amazon.

    Yes, and still very much waiting for an EQ to be activated on this product.
    I find it quite unacceptable and ridiculous that they even released the product with such a feature "Still under development" where as most other BT adapters and good BT headphones themselves have such a feature already at launch.
  7. BenKatz
  8. speedingcheetah
  9. Ggroch
    Wow, suddenly a lot of very angry new users on this thread. I have purchased dozens of items from Ali...not likely I will change my opinion based on a new poster with 8 posts, even if his boss agrees.

    Sure an equalizer would be nice...but do you think the same tech who works on the firmware took time off to create a silicone case? Its just a Bluetooth adapter guys. Chill.
  10. crabdog
    Both of the storefronts listed there have been open for 4-5 years and have excellent feedback ratings. I have made over 30 purchases on AliExpress and have received every single item I paid for without exception.
  11. BenKatz
    I literally never got scammed off aliexpress and whenever there was an issue i got quick refunds.

    Do as you please. I got scammed on ebay though.
  12. speedingcheetah
    I may be a new user to this forum....but that is irrelevant. And I am not imposing any anger, merely stating a fact and asking for another option.
    I and many others, Internet reviews as well, state that particular site is terrible for multiple reasons. But that is an off topic discussion not relevant to this thread.

    Even if I was so inclined to order from that site, the only option it seems to get this case, I do not find it acceptable to wait 9 days for the order to process then the 25-35 days shipping to get to me.
    I have ordered things on Ebay from China or Hong Kong and the longest they have ever taken to get to me here in USA is 14 days with the free or cheapest shipping option.
    I ordered my Fiio BTR3 off Amazon, and it was delivered the next day, for free.

    Anyway, I am miffed that the EQ is not enabled, as it was advertised to have it and that was specifically what I was looking for. I could have bought/tried some other brand, but I really like my other Fiio USB only DAC E17K (and that has Bass and Treble adjust) and I had assumed that this Fiio product would be just as good in build quality and sound quality. To which it is, but I can not use it fully for its intended purpose, without the system wide EQ ability. And who knows if Fiio will ever finished "developing" the feature..
  13. caprimulgus
    Then don't buy it.

    FWIW, I've had more items from Amazon not turn up than I have from AliExpress. So Amazon is a SCAM!
    crabdog likes this.
  14. Paulnguy3
    Negative. It may take a month or two to come, but always seems to make it IME.
  15. Adityaseven7
    I too would like to know if any kind of cases will ever be available in India on Fiio's own site?
    Been waiting for it since I bought the BTR3 right at launch. It's sturdy but has glass for god's sake.
    I hope fiio provides them or at least distributes the 3rd party ones through their own channel and make them available on their website.
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