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FiiO BTR3-The World' First Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier, SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC/HWA (LHDC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by FiiO, Aug 8, 2018.
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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Unfortunately I can't find specs anywhere (including manufacturers website) for impedance or sensitivity. But you'd have to assume that they will be low impedance (323 ohm?) high-ish sensitivity because they are targeted for portable use - so the BTR3 should be fine with them.
  2. Sp12er3
    I used it for my Denon and Sony and it drive them ok... but both of those are very easily driven fullsize, (and I love them for that). I'd try using it with my K702 later tonight and report back.

    So far (it came just yesterday), it fulfills my need mighty well, it connects to my phone, and chime in the ringtone when something on that comes up, while still connected and functioning as a DAC for my laptop, I didn't know the dual pairing would work in tandem with the USB, nice.

    edit: id recommend a short and slim audio jack extension tho as the HO is sitting quite close to the USB port, might be too tight for some chunky jacks. I recommend Fiio to make them come out of different sides of the device (like other tiny DAC/AMP ie Dragonfly) so it wont be a problem in next iteration. Also, if you give the device glass front, give us free, perfectly sized screen protector please...

    also I'd love it if they give us, or at least sell rubber/ leather case for this little gem. as a clip on, itd get banged against things quite a lot.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  3. Sp12er3
    BTW, I've been using this with my Android One Xiaomi A1 (on 8.1 Oreo) , but I haven't been able to make LDAC connection going. Pressing the cogs on the Bluetooth setting screen only show HD audio:AAC going.. Do I need to use different app? (using Foobar2k android) or set a lossless music to play and not MP3 ***?
  4. SpiderNhan
    Have you looked in developers settings to see if you can change it? I have a OnePlus 5T and I can toggle between all the different codecs. It even works while audio is playing. Screenshot_20181018-095128.jpg
  5. jeffri
    My friend have Xiaomi A2 and LDAC support is not working yet I believe. I guess you have to wait for updates as I read that Xiaomi planned to support LDAC in the future.
  6. Ggroch
    Google search for Android One Xiaomi A1 shows owners have lost LDAC with the 8.1 update. So...sounds like a phone issue not an app issue. The threads say LDAC worked in 8.0 and was lost in 8.1.

    You sure got a lot of help fast :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
    Sp12er3 likes this.
  7. Sp12er3
    Thanks for the heads up, damn that's annoying. We'll for now I guess AAC it is for me. I do plan to change out of the Xiaomi because of a couple small niggles it have, not something I can do in near future, so I'd manage for now.

    Still damn annoying tho. It's weird intentionally deleting features..
  8. PeterMac
    I have a problem with FiiO BTR3, because it not power off after few minutes when I power off my Bluetooth device.
    Only power off fine when I disconnect Bluetooth connection manually.

    For example my other Bluetooth device headphones power off no matter if they was disconnected manually or not, always power off when it's no sound after 5 minutes.

    In FAQ they say
    What it mean standby mode ? after what time, and for how long it will be stay in that mode ? forever ? never will power off itself ?

    Total bad idea, it only drain battery for nothing, should always power off after few minutes if no sound.

    Do you have any solution ?
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  9. aozukina
    I personally don't see this as an issue. Say if I walk away from the headphone+btr3 which is current connected for a few mins or just stopped playing music for a few mins then it automatically turned off and I need to push the power button to start it again. That actually sounds like extra work for me. But if it is in standby mode (my guess is very low power consumption just to keep the channel open) I can always just pick up where I left off without the need to turn it on again every time. Said that I think it all matter how long BTR3 could really last in the stand by mode. I have find any data point regarding it especially Fiio claimed to fix the power consumption issue in standby mode right after the latest firmware update. Would love get an answer from the official if possible. @FiiO
    Sp12er3 likes this.
  10. jeffri
    Most Bluetooth receiver will go into standby mode, instead of turning off. This is intentional, so you can receive call with it. Out of my collection, only Bluewave GET will auto turn-off after a while and that is, to be honest, annoying. It means I can't receive call with it, and the hassle to turning it back on each time I want to listen to something.

    Standby mode should be very efficient, which I don't think will affect playtime at all. BTR3 have no rating for standby mode when I look for it, but take the competitor, the AK XB10. It is rated for 5 hours playtime, but a whooping 300 hours standby time. So it's not like it will consume 10% of the battery even if you left it on standby for a whole 24 hours.
    Sp12er3 likes this.
  11. PeterMac
    I prefer auto power off after few minutes if there is nothing playing, best option to save maximum battery life. I have for example Bluetooth headphones Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT and Panasonic RP-HF400 and both nice power off after 5 minutes.
    So for me it's weird now with this FiiO, I have to manually power off it everytime by button, or disconnect Bluetooth connection, for me it's not comfortable at all.

    Would be great if FiiO release two sepearte firmwares one with auto power off without this stand-by mode, and second firmware as it is now. Please FiiO consider this. Thank you.

    I tried it with HD600 which are 300ohms and there is no any problem to drive them at very loud volume level.

    But the question is, does this high 300 ohms headphones will consume faster battery ? or it's not good for FiiO hardware ?
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  12. redrich2000
    I'm not worried at all about the power, my concern is size, will it be too big to clip to headphones? The specs say its 104 x 58mm, but it looks smaller than that?
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  13. ezekiel77
    It's the size of a thumb. I don't have it with me now, but here's a visual aid.

    Sp12er3 likes this.
  14. rkw
    That's called wishful thinking.
  15. Sp12er3
    Well what u wish is Fiio giving us option to detach the clip so it can be smaller when I don't plan on clipping it anywhere
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