FiiO BTR1: Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier(aptX, discrete DAC)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. 0x6170
    Scenario is like this:
    - BTR1 is paired and connected to iPhone and iPad.
    - Audio is playing from iPhone.
    - BTR1 loses connection with iPad (looses as in gets out of Bluetooth wireless range)
    - BTR1 starts double-beeping every ~15seconds indefinitely
    - When BTR1 restores connection with the iPad, double-beeping stops
  2. Tstorey
    That’s my exact experience also. Again, not the end of the world as I just ensure one or the other is disconnected when not in use.

    For reference I had the same issue on the Trinity audio BT lanyard, when disconnected from one of the devices a constant double beeping.
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  3. Rhyzak
    What is that headband cover?
  4. zolom
    Is there any new information regarding the BTR3 (in development)?
    When is it expected?
  5. JamesFiiO Contributor
    too early to talk the ETA now.
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  6. TheoS53
    Been testing the BTR1 over the last couple of days. Gotta tip my hat to @FiiO. The BTR1 is capable of producing really good sound quality for such a compact device. Been comparing it to the X1 2nd Gen and I gotta admit that I prefer the sound of the BTR1. It just sounds cleaner, more neutral. Where the X1 2nd Gen does sound fuller, the BTR1 just reminds me more of a clean "hi-fi" sound. Well done guys!
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  7. TheoS53
    Maybe @FiiO or @JamesFiiO could help me out here.....

    I really, reeeeaaally like the BTR1. But I'm trying to figure out just what the point of the device is. Since it connects via Bluetooth, you'd need to have your phone (or BT DAP) nearby in what situation would the BTR1 be the better or more convenient device to use rather than just plugging the headphones directly into the source device?
  8. Riaz78
    My work colleague has the BTR1 with Shure 535 and firstly, the sound quality gets enhanced a lot with them connected to his iPhone 6. I tried the BTR1 and 535s with my Samsung G8 and they sounded amazing!

    I also tried the BTR1 with my S8 and the out of the box Samsung/AKG IEMs and they absolutely improved the sound quality by at least a factor of 2 - not kidding! They brought my Spotify (extreme quality) music alive! Sure I was using the average out of the box headphones but it goes to show how much a DAC makes a difference and how much you can push these Samsung/AKG headphones.

    I was very impressed.... and if the Sennheiser HD1 Free (Momentum Free) doesn't sound as good I will be looking for a wired IEM and BTR1 solution.

    oh and secondly, my work colleague, like me, commute on UK trains/tubes. It is crazy busy in the mornings and evening so having a decent cable free audio solution helps immensely.

  9. Tstorey
    For me it’s about portability and convenience. I use it with my iPad on planes primarily to watch House of Cards (despite Spacey being a wrong ‘un I’m a late convert to it and am hooked). The sound is way better than direct via the headphone jack and I don’t need the volume at deafening levels either. Also when I sue the bathroom I don’t have to unplug and detangle.

    Travelling through airports means I can also listen to music on my phone with the same convenience. (I don;t always have the same music on my DAP as I do on my phone).

    In short it’s a convenient little thing. If I want serious music I’ll plug my CIEMs directly into my DAP but for convenience this is a pretty useful solution.
  10. TheoS53
    Thanks for the input. So, so far it seems you guys are pretty much in the same boat as I am. The BTR1 is a really cool little gadget, but there isn't a particular NEED that it fills.

    Actually, I can only really think of one scenario where the BTR1 makes total sense. If you're charging your iDevices (or another device for that matter), then the BTR1 will still allow you to listen to audio whilst moving about in a room and the other device stays put being charged. I'm desperately trying to make sense of the BTR1, lol
  11. antdroid
    This is the exact reason. You can charge your devices that no longer have headphone jacks at the same time as you are listening to music. Plus, I dont really like any of the BT headphones I have and just throw them in a drawer or give them away. The only BT headphone I own that I actually enjoy are my Audio Technica S700BT headphones and they sound better when wired than the internal BT amp. This Fiio gives me the option to be "wireless" with good sound at a very reasonable price.
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  12. Brooko Contributor
    Hey Theo

    1. Two things come to mind. Later iPhones with no jack (solves that problem quite nicely).
    2. Just the wireless thing. EG when I'm walking, and have the iPhone sitting in my pocket, I clip the front to my shirt. Easy access to controls + I never have to worry about snagging wires etc.
    What FiiO need to come up with next are some short MMCX and 2 pin wires. That would make the package complete :wink:
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  13. TheoS53
    they've already got a short MMCX cable :-D
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  14. antdroid
    Fiio has been advertising this 2 ft (60cm) cable to go with their BTR1
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  15. JW86
    Ordered the BTR1 last week and noticed that it's only using SBC on my 6th gen iPod touch not AAC. Tried it on my 2011 Macbook Pro and the best I could get it to use is aptX, also tried the bluetooth devs tools to enable AAC still would only use aptX. I checked in Bluetooth Guidelines Validation app and it shows that the BTR1 does support AAC but I can not find a way to enable it.

    EDIT: Checked an old pair of bluetooth headphones and they connect using AAC on both devices, so that's not the problem.
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