FiiO Andes E07K + iphone 4 sound quality
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Oct 22, 2009
Hey fiers. I'm looking for the best portable sound. luckly, I have DT 770 250OHM on their way (will join to my home-only DT990 250OHM).

so how good this setup will be sound, compared to DT 990 > STX (PC)?
The portable setup: DT 770 250ohm > FiiO E07K used as both DAC & AMP > iPhone 4.
I really really like my sound quality in my home, through STX with DT 990 - I wanted to know how much close would it be? (to begin with, DT770 are kind of closed, V shaped of DT990, but the rest is very the same).

Also, would the E07K DAC would be neccessery? I heard somewhere that iphone 4 sound card is a very good one - but I'm looking for an audiophile sound quality. am I on the right track? would it be, maybe, better to save some more money and get a portable DAC\AMP Player?

Thank you.
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Jan 19, 2011
I doubt you'll hear much difference between the iPhone 4 (S?) and the Fiio in terms of SQ, you'll mostly gain more volume, because 250 ohms is quite a load for the iPhone as you probably know and it can't get very loud. On SQ alone...hell, I have difficulty hearing a difference between my old iPhone 4S and a Musical Fidelity M1DAC when both are connected into a Musical Fidelity M1HPAP amp, one into each input, and then switching between them while both play the same song...and that's while listening to it with Beyer T1's. They're actually so close it takes me several switches between them to be sure which one I'm hearing, and sometimes I can't tell the difference at all. It's amazing what Apple managed to pull off with the sound on their iPhones, a lot of ignorant people think they're overpriced phones, but for me they're worth the price as a multimedia device alone.  I just know that a couple of week ago a guy came to my place to buy my old HD558's, and he had a Fiio X1 player, and HD558's sounded worse out of that X1 than straight out of my iPhone 4S. Fiio E7 should be superior to X1, but it's hard to say without hearing them.
As for the Fiio comparison to an STX, again, depends on how the Fiio sounds, but you'll never get as much power out of it as out of a desktop solution. 
IMHO, If I was you, I'd rather get a portable amp only, like a E11 or E12, you'll get way more power than out of an E7, and it will be less bulky as well.

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