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FiiO Aftermarket IEM cables (RC-WT1, RC-SE1, RC-UE2)

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  1. hatefulsandwich
    I can't seem to find much info on Fiio's latest offerings in the IEM cable department. The cables are the RC-WT1, RC-UE2, and RC-SE1 and they're silver-plated OCC. Standard stuff, except the price is only $30 (or $35 for the Shures) from Mp4Nation. I've only ever used the stock cables with my UM3Xes and I've been interested in trying some other cables, but the prices can get quite astronomical. If the Fiios are decent, they could make for a very cheap upgrade option for people.

    At that price I can't see how they wouldn't be worth at least trying, which is why I'm so surprised I don't see much (well, any) mention of them on Head-Fi. Shipping from Mp4Nation takes aaages to get to me, so I'd be interested if anyone else who has quick Fedex available to them could bite and give some impressions.
  2. Audio-Phile
    I just saw these on eBay, for $27.99.  SPC cables for that price?  Seems crazy.  But too cheap not to try.  Would also like to see if anyone has had experience with these, might be a good backup cable.  
  3. sling5s
    After owning these JH13pro for over six years, my stock cable finally needed replacing.  Decided to try the FillO replacement cable (same price as stock).  Wow, what a difference.  Didn't realize how bad the stock cable was.  The FiiO RC-WT1 really brings the midrange out and makes the treble smoother (takes the edge off) and bass tighter with greater punch and impact.  Soundstage and details improved also.  Everything much smoother. I'm sure the Moon Audio or Whiplash are superior to the FiiO but pretty happy with the FiiO.  Maybe someday I'll try Moon Audio.  
    I have to agree with you about the Fiio cables. Great cable for the price. I have replaced several Shure, Westone and Earsonics cables with the Fiio cables. For TOTL IEMs, I have had very good experiences with the Moon Audio Silver Dragon, BTG Starlight and ALO Audio SXC 24. The ALO and Moon cables were ordered in balanced configurations for the HM-901 or AK240.
  5. Veetastic
    I have the TripleFi 10s and had to replace my cable about once every year until recently when I found out about the Fiio cables. I can't say I hear a difference in sound quality from my stock cables, but their build quality and design is much better.
    The first time I bought the cables I really liked it. It was a huge improvement from the stock cables that I was using. First of all, it was braid and felt a lot lighter than the old cable. They claimed that the cable was SPC but I could not tell the difference in sound but I only used my TF10s with my phone so my source was never that good. They looked really cool being silver and all so I'll give them that. Around the ears, instead of using a metal wire like the stock cables did to keep the fit, they had a plastic section that covered the cable. 
    So it was really nice and everything but after almost a year it still had that problem near the plug where it wears out so I decided to buy another one because it was a cheap option and it worked a lot better than the stock cables. What they didn't tell me was that they actually revised the cable to make it better. The cable was a lot more neatly braided so it was even thinner and felt lighter on the ears. The plastic that was once used to cover the area around the ears was shrunk to have a lower profile and they used a thinner plastic that was lighter around the ears but still served well to hold the fit around the ear so the wire doesn't fly around.
    What really impressed me was the Fiio continued to make their product better without selling it as a newer version for a higher price. They don't even mention it anywhere at all that they updated it. The fact that they did this makes me really these cables. 
    Just my two cents.
  6. Robgo
    I bought one of these for Shure SE535s and I think they're quite poor in pretty much every way. The biggest complaint people have is the microphonics but they also cut out. They are incredibly stiff cables. 
    The jack also doesn't work 100% on my HRT Microstreamer because of the odd nub they've placed on it. 
    If you look at where the silver metal casing is and see the brass coloured nub sticking out, it doesn't allow the jack to be pushed in all the way and causes it to cut out occasionally.
    The stock Shure cables are better in every way except for the over ears part, which is prone to breaking. 
    I've owned a few FIIO products and I've never been happy with them. I don't understand their popularity. 
    Here you can see reviews on Amazon for it. 
  7. sling5s
    I have a puzzling experience with my JH13pro with iPhone and any other amp I use. 
    With the FiiO cable, the bass is wooly, and loose. The sound is hazy and muddy.
    When I add a 70 ohm or 120 ohm impedance adaptor.  The bass becomes tight, controlled and punchy the way it should be.
    What is FiiO cable doing that is causing this and why is adding impedance fixing the problem?
    Any ideas?
    I believe the FiiO is causing some impedance mismatch. 
  8. Fungus
    Same experience but with my um3x. I just wish for the cable to be less stiff with less microphonic and a right angle jack.  
  9. Fungus
    Or your hearing [​IMG]
  10. gozyla86
    I have replaced my stock Shure 215 with RC-SE1. The sound seem better with abit more punch and tigher in bass and sound seem warmer to me.
    The only problem (which i plan to replace it today) is the left side seem a bit loose. whenever i turn my head from left to right, sometimes the sound just cut off.
    Bought it from Noisy Motel, melbourne.
  11. Mooses9
    bought one of these cables on this date for my w4r
  12. Mooses9
    These cables are garbage their quality control must be nil. fiio needs to stick to amps i cannot believe they would put out a product of this calibre with they credit of their amp name behind it. They have me completely pissed off.
  13. Fungus
    No, it's even worse than garbage. I'd rather give it to my pet rabbit to nibble on than put up with the stiff and annoying microphnoics. 
  14. Mooses9
    Their quality control needs to be looked into and then their quality itsself needs to be looked into. I am not normally a cheap guy and i dont normally dabble in cheap things like cables under $250.00 but i needed one to hold me over because at the time i had no cable at all. Figured what the hell yeah what the hell.
  15. sling5s
    Mine sounded warm and lush and thought wow! This is nice.  Than more I listened to it, the bass bled into everything. I contacted them saying it's causing some kind of impedance mismatch because my JH13 sounded wrong: the bass was mushy, bloated and lose.  They said it was the JH13 problem and not the cable. 
    I have now some PlusSound custom cable.  The sound is smooth but so detailed.  Really brought out the mids on my jh13.  Yes, there is something wrong about these cables.
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