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FiiO’s Upgraded Bluetooth Amplifier BTR1K: Qualcomm QCC 3005 BT chip, BT 5.0 and aptX /aptX LL/AAC supported, RGB light, NFC pairing, Type C and USB DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. MentalDraco
    One can only hope, I imagine the btr3 and 5 will have more power?

    I'm very curious about the 3 in particular.
  2. audioqueso
    I have owned the BTR1 for two weeks now.
    Probably the best sounding bluetooth adapter that I've ever own (I've own a lot).. but overall very annoying to live with.
    The SQ on its own makes the BTR1 a joy to listen to. It's just so good!

    However, here are the issues:
    - The beep on the volume change is annoying.
    - The range and reliability of the connection is super flakey. I've tried it on the following devices: Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S4, Xperia XZ, Asus laptop, Sony smarttv.
    With all of them, the range was very bad compared to other bluetooth adapters that I own (a few Sony's, Samsung, Belkin, more). It has the shortest range out of all of the other brands.
    - The signal would cut off at any given moment. I could be near or far, it didn't matter. I was listening to music on the bed. The source was 3 feet away. Suddenly it would cut off. I tried it with different sources.. same thing. Pairing the BTR1 to a laptop was even worse. I was listening to music, and in mid song, the sound would just go away and I would get a buzz. It would come back on it's own. Same thing when watching youtube or netflix using the BTR1.
    Then I tried pairing it to my Sony smarttv (2018 model). Nope.. same thing.
    It's not my devices. There is no other bluetooth device on while I'm using it. There isn't anything to interfere with the signal.
    On my Galaxy S7 Edge, I even wiped the phone and did a clean install. Installation complete, installed my music player, paired the device.. still has poor connection.
    - Lastly, whenever I am playing music (or anything), if there is a dead silence (like when an album ends and there is nothing to play), the BTR1 will start to make a very light beep and it will not stop until I start playing something else. This is extremely annoying. Especially when I am just trying to relax.

    Unfortunately, the BTR1 just isn't on par with other bluetooth adapters in terms of connectivity. SQ, it's on a league of its own.
    But trying to live with it on a daily basis makes it a pain to own.

    Needless to say, I will not be keeping this item.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2018
  3. audioqueso
    What date is the press release for the BTR3/BTR5 scheduled for?
  4. Sgt. Ear Ache
    Really weird. I’ve had the btr1 for months and use it several hours a day often. I can’t recall it cutting out a single time. And other than the (almost too quiet to notice) beep when pressing the volume button, I hear no other beeps or buzzing at all.
  5. Brooko Contributor
    The extra beeps are probably because he originally had 2 devices connected and is out of range of one of them.
  6. Sgt. Ear Ache
    Hmm, could be. I’m pretty anal about making sure Bluetooth is off on all devices other than the one i’m using as a source at any given time.
  7. audioqueso
    So I've heard. Reading posts and customer reviews, it seems like a good percentage of the users never have any cut-off, while another good percentage of users do.
    I was kinda hoping to be in the "no cutoff" percentage, but that is not the case.
    Lucky for you though.

    The behavior on every device was odd.
    - On the Galaxy S7 Edge, it would just cutoff like a bluetooth device does when you're out of range. However, the device was right next to me. I checked to make sure no other devices were around that could possibly be interfering. Nothing was around. No metal around (I was on my bed). I even wiped my whole Android, installed from scratch. Once installation was complete, I installed my music player, sync the BTR1, tried it again. Same thing. At any given moment it would cutout.
    - On the Galaxy S4, the phone is very bare minimal. I don't use it for anything other than to play a game and to play music. There's barely any unnecessary apps (even the Google apps). The behavior is the same as the Galaxy S7 Edge.
    - On the laptop, that one is the weirdest one. In mid song/video, the audio would silence and I would get a light buzz (like a radio). - On the Sony smarttv, it would just cut off, but in shorter bursts.
    The thing is, I have tested (and tested it again yesterday) all these sources using other bluetooth adapters (Sony, Samsung, and Belden) and none of them gave me these kind of problems. The Sony tv isn't even in the same household. So that rules out if being my environment.
    All signs points to the Fiio being the common factor.

    No. I already wrote that I had any other bluetooth device turned off. I am the same way as Sgt. Ear Ache when it comes to that.
    Also, if I turn off all my sources while still wearing my headphones and having the BTR1, the BTR1 does not keep beeping trying to connect. It seems to know that there is no source available.
    I could understand that being a behavior if it was connected to something and it lost range.. but that is not what's happening here.

    The volume beep is really annoying though. If may not bother some, but to me it's like watching a movie, turning the volume up/down, and see a volume bar or something pop up on the display. It just complete kills my concentration/enjoyment of whatever I was watching.
    It's the same thing with the volume beep. If I'm listening to something and want to turn it up/down in mid song, I don't want a beep to interrupt my enjoyment.

    Well, I will be testing it again this weekend at a different location using a lot more headphones. I want to see how well it handles hard to drive headphones.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2018
  8. Marco Angel
    Saddly i have the same experience with the RC-BT cable and my Galaxy S8 =(
    I had to have my phone in my right poquet to have the signal a little stable, if i turn my head to the right, its shure the audio will be bumpy. It normally connects in aptx which is even worst, so i have to switch to AAC
    Right now i dont know if wait to the BTR3, which i know it will be a great device in reviews but seems that there is only a few ones with this issues and dont come out in the reviews =(
    Maybe i have to go back to a wired connection and just buy again the IconX which had OK sound and extraordinary BT connection
  9. Sgt. Ear Ache
    Yeah, the volume indicator thing isn’t a concern I share with you at all. Just the opposite really...I like having an audible or visual indication that I pushed a button.

    The BTR1 isn’t a powerful amp. It’s not likely to do much for “hard to drive” headphones. I’d say it’s maybe something like 20% more powerful than my un-amped Iphone7. It’s more like a little booster really...
  10. Marco Angel
    Hummm, had you or anybody had try the SoundBlaster E3? its more like the btr3 in a bulkier package but seems to have a better amp
  11. Koolpep
    Yes, I have the E3, BTR-1, XB10, ES100 I am always on the lookout for a good BT dac/Amp with microphone, to use my in ears as headset for conference calls. I am spending so many hours a day in these calls...and beteeen them I like to listen to music as good as it gets. Some of my earphones are balanced.

    The ES100 is my current favorite, XB10 has great sound quality as well but the sound blaster has the biggest power output, though that is hardly needed. And the supported codecs are limited with the E3 as it doesn’t do aptX HD....However the e3 is overall pretty darn good. It also has two headphone outputs, that unlike the others where you have to choose, can be used together.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
    Marco Angel likes this.
  12. Sgt. Ear Ache
    For myself, the amp wasn't really a primary issue. I was mostly just looking to get un-tethered from the phone while still being able to use whatever my current favorite buds might be. The slight boost from the BTR1 was actually just about perfect really as I had no intention of using it with my big headphones. Adding bulk for more power wouldn't really be worth it for me...
  13. Koolpep
    BE12CCD9-8E40-4FCC-91B1-15DD07698FC4.jpeg 72B13F90-AF2A-447E-AA73-6AA3FDE3F3C5.jpeg 68A1FBC7-6C52-4157-A5BE-37963CCE2D9E.jpeg

    BTR1 left ES100 right as a comparison.

    Fiio on my weighing scale: 22g

    Competitors above.

    And the BTR-1 is by far the most affordable!
    Marco Angel likes this.
  14. Marco Angel
    Now im more interested in the ES100. I have the F9 (no pro) from your taste and ear, what are the differences between both apart of the size. I also like the extra buttons in the ES100
  15. Koolpep
    The Radsone Ear Studio ES100 plays in a different league, not surprisingly as it’s way more expensive. Dual AKM dac, balanced output, an amazing app to set very little detail of the thing, from cross-feed to buffer size, to digital filters of the dac, amazing eq, etc etc, the app (android and iOS) as well as the hardware itself is amazing. Plus upgradable firmware, earsonics has just announced that this device will get ldac support via a firmware upgrade in a few months when the certification with Sony is through. The overall support is amazing, example, some people didn’t like that the device powers on when connected to a usb charger. So the firmware (and app) was updated to allow setting this to your liking. The ceo of radsone is active on headfi and pays close attention to users requests and input. It sounds really really good...

    I have high hopes for the BTR-3 from Fiio but the ES100 doesn’t make it easy, it is a tough competititor.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
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