FiiO’s Upgraded Bluetooth Amplifier BTR1K: Qualcomm QCC 3005 BT chip, BT 5.0 and aptX /aptX LL/AAC supported, RGB light, NFC pairing, Type C and USB DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. Triakel
    My BTR1 arrived yesterday. So far, so good!

    I bought it to pair with my Pixel 2 as an alternative to using the audio dongle. The BTR1 sound quality is very nice ... clean, not too bright, not too bassy. Plenty of amplification for a lower-impedance headphone.

    Spotify streams at "extreme quality" are very enjoyable, and sound particularly good. MP3s, in general, seem a bit muddy and I haven't figured out why (possibly due to conversion for BT?). Some very low hiss/interference noticed before starting music. I can walk around the first floor of my house and not lose signal when unit is clipped to my shirt, but receiver seems to need a clear path (I hugged my wife and lost signal momentarily). I might comment more when I've had a chance to use this unit when out and about, exercising, separated by longer distances from source, different file types, etc.

    All in all, a big step up from a typical smartphone headphone jack, and very convenient to use. Lacks the depth of my computer's soundcard, but I bought this for casual use. Seems leagues better than my old E06 Fujiyama.

    I'm pleasantly surprised for the price.

    EDIT: Earlier, I wrote that my se215s sounded muddier than usual using the BTR1. I went back and listened with the se215s, ie80 and Amperior (same tracks), and this is not the case. I think what I'm noticing is that most tracks on Spotify at "extreme quality" sound better than my MP3s encoded at or near same resolution (LAME). I am not technical enough to account for this. Could be my ears today, the quality of the encodings, the BT conversion, or that the amp/DAC is good enough to reveal things I wasn't hearing when listening to these tracks on my old smartphone. What puzzles me is that the differences seem greater than when I listen on my ASUS STX, which is pretty decent as consumer/prosumer soundcards go.
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  2. slackerpo
    i think you shouldnt have to choose between the two. whats better, you can have them both. imo the btr1 paired with the q1mk2 is an amazing kindawireless setup to rejoice upon.
  3. mimmo69
    Are you saying that i've to buy the Q1M2 too and connect it to the BTR1?
    in that case the Q1MK2 will be only an amplifier?
    I assume you are only eliminate the wires. Is it right?
  4. slackerpo
    correct. you free your phone. but you still have to deal with wires to the q1mk2 plus the btr1 connected to the amp.

    although i can see how the btr1 can be enough for most people. the q1mk2 brings more space, depth, and bass at list for my setup.
  5. mimmo69
    If q1mk2 is better thab btr1, it could be better to have only it..
    Or not?
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  6. waynes world
    Well, the BTR1 is a bluetooth dac/amp, whereas the q1mk2 is not.

    It would be nice if the BTR1 alone handles your MSR7's to your satisfaction so that you don't have to stack it with an amp. I have a few smallish amps that I could stack with the BTR1. I'm sure that the combos would sound great (and now I want to try them!). But for me, the beautiful thing about the BTR1 is how small and convenient it is (yet it still sounds great).
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  7. Gee Simpson
    What's the sound signature of the BTR1, neutral?
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  8. mimmo69
    Well, i was using my smartphone with only some common headphones, so to have BTR1 + MSR7 is already a great step ahead. But 'cause i'm improving my system, i'd like to make the right choise.
    I tried BTR1 + Fiio A3 or Topping NX1s. The first combination was very similar to the BTR1 stand alone; the second one was more powerful. The sound signature was the same thanks to the DAC section of BTR1.
    My questio is, now, if the DAC section of Fiio Q1MK2 or Topping NX2s could be better. In that case i can give back the BTR1.

    I'm curious to know your impressions :wink:
  9. mimmo69
    I'd like to found a frequency response graphic, but i think i can say it's neutral with a little enphasys on low frequency.
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  10. Gee Simpson
    Thanks :thumbsup:
  11. mimmo69
    Hi @demond. Could you please post a frequency response graphic of the BTR1?
  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    We would share the frequency response graphic of the BTR1 later.

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  13. rG-tom

    How does the BTR3 compare to the BTR1? Is it a better, more powerful version or just a newer version with APTXHD etc?
  14. wisernova
    using my newly acquired BTR1 with a Fiio F3 when I am outside and a Grado S125e at home. I do pair that to my Nokia 8 having Oreo. However, I am unable to get BTR1 battery status in phone. Any idea how to enable it? I have seen that the BTR1 status is available only on some Android phones? Why? What is required ?
  15. mimmo69
    I solved with THIS
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