FiiO’s Upgraded Bluetooth Amplifier BTR1K: Qualcomm QCC 3005 BT chip, BT 5.0 and aptX /aptX LL/AAC supported, RGB light, NFC pairing, Type C and USB DAC

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by demond, May 23, 2017.
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  1. waynes world
    It's a bit hard to compare because I use the "adapt sound" feature with the S7 Edge exynos, whereas there is no cheating with the BTR1. I enjoy both, but my ears are easy to please LOL. Having said that, the BTR1 is the more accurate of the two, and I think is better. I've had no problems driving any of the gear I've tried so far with either, but I will try some harder to drive stuff later. But the BTR1 should have no problem with the IT01's. To sum it up, I just use the BTR1 now instead of the S7 due to how good the BTR1 sounds to me, and due to the convenience factor of having my phone free of cables.
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  2. Gee Simpson
    Thanks. I also use the 'adapt sound' feature and it works well for me, it definitely improves the sound.
  3. Cal N
    Totally agree. Im using s7 edge and it improve the sound quite drastically for me in my opinion. Tested with my daily iem: nuforce edc from massdrop and it changes the dynamic of the music. It became so much louder, more clarity and tighter bass. Tested with other in ears as well.. soul sl49, akg from s8 and akg k375. All of them just sound so much better.
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  4. waynes world
    Glad the BTR1 is working so well for you.

    I'm curious though, is your S7 the snapdragon variant? I ask because that would probably explain why you hear such an improvement with the BTR1.
  5. Cal N
    Hi. Mine is the eynox version. Perhaps i came from using iphone previously, felt that s7 audio output straight from jack is lacking in volume so much. In fact, i just tried the btr1 with my s7 edge side by side comparison with iphone x with jack adaptor (using same songs). Btr1 still sound slightly better than the iphone x.
  6. waynes world
    Thanks. One last question OT question lol: Do you use the "adapt sound" feature with your S7 exynos? That improves SQ quite a bit IMO.
  7. Cal N
    Btw, im using spotify downloaded in max quality for referenc
    Yes i did. It sure improves SQ but still quite far behind iphone. Eg. I have to turn the volume of s7 to 75% or higher to get the desired volume and clarity.. whereas iphone x i just need 40-50%. without btrx, it sound slighty muffled/laid back too on s7 edge.
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  8. Cal N
    Btw, double tap on the round button of the btrx put it into wide surround mode which further expand the soundstage. Good for mobile gaming/videos.
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  9. rG-tom
  10. Amber Rain
    Thanks, I've ordered using the discount. At £34 worth a punt, as it looks like I'm not going to get a high quality wireless option with an iPhone anyway.
  11. Cal N
    I have tried with Iphone X. For me, it sound almost the same with using BTR1 or straight through lightning port.
    It does not have that kind of drastic differences as from my S7 Edge.
    I Believed the BTR1 does not support AAC. But nontheless, good as a wireless option for your wired IEMs. Enjoy!

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    Statements regarding the AAC support on the BTR1

    Due to our mistakes on product description writing and inspecting, the AAC was falsely listed as a supported Bluetooth codec of the BTR1. After confirming with our QC department, it's concluded that as our application for using the AAC codec has not been finally approved, the AAC codec was disabled on the BTR1 during mass production. Even though the AAC codec was disabled, it will not affect the normal functionality and connection compatibility of the BTR1, please feel free to proceed with the purchase if you're interested in it. And if you have already bought the BTR1 and have any questions regarding this, please kindly contact our support by sending email to

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  12. waynes world
    Fwiw, I didn't think the S7's "adapt sound" feature affected the BTR1, but I just checked again, and it indeed does.

    So now I've gone from loving the BTR1 to really loving the BTR1 (with adapt sound enabled). Very cool.
  13. Gee Simpson
  14. Gee Simpson
    Bought it earlier for £34 which is excellent. Hopefully it arrives next week as that's when it will be back in stock. What's the sound signature like on this?
  15. mimmo69
    Hi all.
    I bought a BTR1 for my ATH-MSR7. The source is a Galaxy S6 with spotify at maximum quality.
    i'm very happy with it.
    I'd like to know, if someone can compare, if the differences with Fiio Q1M2 or Topping Nx2s are so much to suggest the change.
    I like so much the freedom from wires, but i want to be sure to spend correctly my money to have the best result about SQ.
    Not so much important the power, as the SQ.

    Sorry for my english and thanks to you all for the important informations you share.

    I wish you an happy new year!
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