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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. jon parker
     Ive never had any harsh issues :/
    Try different tips - Firmware makes  a big difference. Im on Lurker 1.2.5 at the mo but the 1.2.8 has a nice dark rich bass which may help with your treble issues
    (i think its 1.2.8 - anyway its the one Before the last update!)
    They are a bright iem
  2. JimmyTryhard
    If your iems are sounding harsh, there's a good chance that you're not getting a deep enough fit with your eartips. Try some Spiral Dots or foam tips.

    Also, the A83 is the polar opposite from a dark iem, so it may be quite shocking how much treble there is in comparison. Try lowering the volume level; back when I had used darker iems as my daily drivers, I always had the volume much higher than now when I am using these. Just takes some getting used to if you're willing.
  3. Midgetguy
    Yeah, it could also just be the transition from the W4 to the A83 as I've read that the W4 has more of a smooth dark tone, which is completely different from the A83. Just take some time getting used to it and should sound better.
  4. normie
    Just bought a set of these, having some issues with fit, nothing major. Any one use custom sleeves and what make?
  5. jon parker
     Do you like me, have large holes! ?
  6. normie
    Nope I think if anything the opposite.
  7. jon parker
     Hmm, well you may need to explore different tips (assuming this is the issue you are having)
    These tips [sonically] are superb and very inexpensive - compared to spiral dots certainly
    The pictures on the page show detailed size measeurments of the widths of the different tips which may help
    Also they are medical gel and so are soft, comfortable and seem to stay in better than others
    hope that helps
  8. normie
    Thanks, at that price worth a shot. I'm finding the stock foam giving me best results at moment. The Comply tips fit best but I sense you loose something with the mesh screen or whatever the proper term is!
  9. jon parker
    They may well dampen down or take of some of the 'sparkle'
    When they have time to burn in you should get a better sense of which tips work best for your prefered sounds signature.
    i LOVE these iems. Hope you also find them perfect for you :)
  10. normie
    Yes sure do. Rediscovering some of my favorite albums all over again.
  11. bimbim
    hi guys, i've been using a83 for more than a year and absolutely love it even though sometimes the left went mute at a certain angle.
    i used it with ipod classic but now the ipod is dead, i'm thinking of getting a X3 or X5.
    which one do you think i should get ? or other alternatives around $350 or less?
    i prefer not using separate DAC as i use it on travel mostly (using separate dac is too bulky)
    thanks guys
    btw i tried a83 with calyx M, it's f-ing amazing, as expected with that price.
  12. jon parker
    without going into detail...the dx90 & A83's are a perfect fit - superb synergy. You can ask H20 Fidelity for more details who also felt the same.
    The only potential downside I found is the relatively short battery life...but for the sq of the sabre chips I can forgive iBasso :)
    you might like to explore the dx80 as well - longer battery (for travel) - I havent got mine yet but have faith in iBasso! 
    H20Fidelity and bimbim like this.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I'll suggest iBasso DX50, DX90 or iBasso DX80, all perform well with Fidue A83. Or, for just $110 you can get the XDuoo X3 with dual micro sd card slots I went a bit crazy using the XDuoo X3 for a while there with A83.

    I'll give you that thread to check out.


    If you're more interested in the iBasso units head over to the portable source gear section.


    As for me and my A83, I've decided it's finally time to upgrade the cable. Got a nice piece coming my way, Brooko will be impressed. Because I want the housings to be able to rotate as it improves the fit. The stubby nozzles and stock cable preventing the housing from spinning and only add to the fit problems.
    jon parker and bimbim like this.
  14. bimbim
    thanks for the reply man
    how long is dx90's battery life?
    but dx90 is too expensive in malaysia (almost $550)
    @H20Fidelity thanks man, gonna check them out 
  15. jon parker
    Thats a shame - check H20Fidelity's post above for some other alternatives :wink: - people seem to get different results - I think mine lasts 6-7 hours. Maybe depends on headphones used ie: how much juice they need + how much processing is needed for the audio - I only really listen to 24/96 - 24/192 flac...occasionally 16/44 with exceptional cd's ! :) Also, Ive just started using my portable headphone amp again - not sure how that will effect battery life
    If youre in Malaysia, a Cowon may an upgrade option from the ipod although the DAP's H2OFidelity mention are a big upgrade from the cowon Daps 
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