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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. JimmyTryhard
    I just tried the foam tip mod, and it didn't prove to be a good combination of tips. I used Comply T-400 in medium with Spiral Dots in medium, and it ended up being too snug a fit. Perhaps if I used smaller comply tips, then the tips would not bulge out as obtrusively as they did.
    Back to the stock small tips! I'm still loving the sound of the original intended Fidue bore size. Maybe even more than the Spiral Dots now. Both are very nice though.
  2. Darkestred

    I read posts about people saying that bax makes the phones sound more brighter.  What has your experience been with them?  Sound the same, change in sound, placebo...?  Also, how much did you pay for them?  I saw posts of 54, 72...I have been quoted at 99.  Pretty steep for a cable.
  3. Midgetguy

    The bax cable is listed as $99 MSRP I believe so that would be why that's your quoted price. Others may have gotten them elsewhere not at the MSRP. Bax should make things sound brighter for many IEMs because it's silver-plated (I believe, unless it's pure silver though I don't think it is). I don't think it should have that much impact on the A83 compared to the stock cable because the stock cable is also silver-plated. Linum bax in this case would simply be for comfort since I personally find all memory wire cables obnoxious and uncomfortable to use.
  4. JimmyTryhard
    In my experience, I actually did at first notice a difference in the sound signature or something of the sort. I would definitely say that the cable either was more sensitive than the stock or more bright in the treble.
    It's just very hard to pinpoint whether it's one of the two because I don't know the technical details behind it. I did find myself listening at slightly lower volumes, which could be a result of either of the two reasons, but it could also just simply be an effect of placebo. For what it's worth, I had not listened to the earphone extensively yet even with the stock cable.
    In conclusion, the one thing that I would take away from my experience from it is that I'm still using it today and that I am still satisfied with the sound signature + ergonomics. Your mileage may vary as with all audio products, but if you're just looking for an opinion on the matter, then I can definitely say that I personally recommend using the linum cable with A83's.
  5. Kwangsun
    I just ordered the BAX cables from the company where I bought 2 CIEMs. I think they may have sold me the cable as a special favor since they don't actually sell the BAX cables separately but agreed when I asked. I spent over 1000 bucks so yeah, the guy was nice enough to sell me the BAX for 60.
  6. garcsa
    Using these hybrids almost on all of my iems - from years. The inner foam are made by 3M (model:1100). Completely different, better material than Coplys, for this purpose!
    Just try them - go to the pharmacy and buy or order from here: 
  7. SieB
    Might not work as well with the spiraldots as it does with the normal silicone tips then. Or it might be the size, without the foam mod I use large silicone tips but with the comply's stuffed inside they are to big. The medium size ones are a perfect fit with the comply's inside though.  
    I'm using the T-100 Comply btw. 
    Thanks for the link! Just ordered some of those foam tips to try with my silicone eartips. 
  8. Darkestred
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
  10. myemaildw
    i did the comply foam mod i dont like it, its better as it is
  11. JimmyTryhard
    All this talk of cables made me once again try the stock cable(I'm currently using a Linum BaX cable).
    I spent a little over a week with it, and after doing some critical listening tests, I've concluded that I no longer can hear a difference between either the stock or the linum. I do remember hearing the linum as harsher but more airy back when I first compared, but that seems to have been negated over time. Possible burn in? I don't know.
    I did just now switch back to the linum most likely permanently because of the improved ergonomics and microphonics. One major thing I noticed about the stock cable is that it has some really loud microphonics compared to the linum. I can hear every touch of the cable above the y-split.
    Also, the earguides(memory wire) were severely annoying to me personally, and I got sick of readjusting them constantly.
    I was also forced to very tightly secure the cable cinch to secure a strong enough fit. Otherwise, the earphones would pop out of my ears when I smiled or made any other facial expression.
    Back to linum land for me again. Ahhhh. I like not feeling the cable being cinched tightly against my neck. And I also like smiling. [​IMG] 
    (your experience will most likely vary from mine; most people don't have as much trouble with the earguides/cable cinch as I do)
  12. anorphirith
    Hey guys, I'm trying to get an upgrade from my HD650's I listened to the audeze lcd xc's and they really do sound better than my hd650 but with a narrower sound stage. I'm debating between those and the A83, if I get IEM's I don't want to spend more than 300$ on them because I'm almost certain I'll end up loosing them 
    Does anyone here has the A83 and the hd650? Will the A83 have a clearer more detailed sound than the hd650? ? how will the bass sound compared ? 
    thanks ! 
  13. kahaluu
    I'm sure if you spend $300 plus on an IEM, you will be very careful not to lose them.
  14. SieB
    I have both, but you are comparing apples to oranges. The A83 is no where near the HD650 level of sound quality and they are a completely different sound signature. The A83 are bright, airy, thin and pretty neutral sounding. Whereas the HD650 are darker, have a much fuller bodied sound and are pretty warm. 
    The trebble on the A83 is clearer as they are brighter, but I wouldn't say more detailed. The Bass on the A83 is a lot tighter than the HD650 though and has more extension in the sub bass. I wouldn't consider the A83 to be an upgrade from the HD650, not by a long shot. A different sound signature yes, but no where near the sound quality of the HD650. Personally, i'd put the A83 in the same league as the AKG K702, they are pretty similar sound signature wise. 
  15. Flash15
    Hi everyone, I recently got the A83 and although I'm loving it mostly, I do am annoyed by the harsh treble. I understand there's a 100 hour burn in required? I'm coming off a Westone 4. And it's being used with a DX90. Couple days in and so far not alot of improvement with this damn treble. Really fatiguing. Will this ever get better? I want to avoid EQing it for now. Really hoped I didn't have to do that. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
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