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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. jon parker
    Thanks so much for taking the time for the clarification. much appreciated
    On a positive note, they are a bit bigger than the included large tips which, as I have large holes ): is ideal. My right ear is slightly even bigger than my large left ear hole!  :D 
    I'll give them a good try - 'Unfortunately' being 'in the biz' as it where, Im quite sensative to differences in audio. 
    All is good though! x
    thanks again
  2. Zankes
  3. myemaildw
    can anyone post comparison of a73 and a83? im sure someone already did can you find it? or may be write themselves? i like a73, with wide bore tips sound open and with good detail. i would avoid using small opening tips on a73, with wide bore tips they sound really nice.
  4. mrazik
    According to my ears. A73 are faster, less source sensitive, more comfortable. A83 have better sound stage, deeper bass and they are a bit sharper on highs. I got A73 for outside activities and A83 for home listening. A73 sound very good with FiiO X3ii, FiiO X5 and iPhone 5s. On all of those are A73 very good. A83 are best with X5, good on X3ii, but with iPhone I found them a bit to much sharp.
  5. jon parker
    Without getting overly technical... I find the A83's to be an exceptional Audiophile monitor grade IEM. They are a 'serious' headphone which I feel confident in saying is an 'Audiophile' headphone.
    The A73's on the other hand I find quite different - The biggest difference that hit me is how they do not have the 'meat' of the A83's. Comparing them, it really reveals the difference an extra Armature makes
    To my ears the A73's are VERY good HiFi headphones - they have a greatly enjoyable 3D soundstage, detail and big bass. The bass I found a bit...'immature' compared the A83's.
    However putting JVC Spiral Dot Tips on the A73's has tamed all the [subtle] elements I wasn't 100% about with the A73's and now they seem to deliver a more balanced sound -
    The Spiral Dots actually solved another long term issue I had with my Cowon X9 - Ive never been 100% happy with the sound but the combination of A73's / Spiral Dots has finally given me a lovely sounding 'everyday' DAP/IEM Combo
    In Summary [for me]
    A83 - Exceptional, Accurate, True Audiophile, Monitor Grade IEM - perfect for all my critical HiRes listening (Using DX90)
    A73 - Wonderful Top Quality HiFi IEM's that are a delight to listen to (Using Cowon X9)
  6. myemaildw
    alright thanks, im listening to a73 right now, and coming from xb90 its bass isnt big. but it depends what meaning you put in the word big bass. so ye 3d i feel if i put wide bore tips with a73 soundstages opens up a lot like open headphones. im using two flange tips is it same sound with spiral dots? The reason i dont buy spiral dot tips cause they have four sizes and i dont know which would be my size. :/
  7. JimmyTryhard
    Hmm... all this talk of the A73's is tempting me...
    I've been taking the A83's with me out of the house nearly every day for a month now, and no doubt they've held up very well, but I am starting to wonder if I should do the same as you and get a less expensive earphone for outside listening. I keep my A83's in a hard shell case whenever I'm not using them and never just stuff them in my pocket, but this is a little bit inconvenient, especially if I want to start to engage in a conversation with someone and put the earphones away.
    I also just want some peace of mind lol, I don't want to run even the slightest risk of damaging/losing a $400 piece of equipment with custom cable and everything.
    So... now the question is: A73's or Trinity Delta?
    Both have metal parts, which I quite like, but the Delta seems to be a bit more durable. As for sound, both have stellar reviews...
    Decisions decisions decisions... anyone got an opinion?
  8. Midgetguy

    They're quite a close match in terms of picking one over the other by the looks of it. Do you do any biking or going at speed while outside? Cuz the Delta obviously has it's port facing the outside so I'd imagine wind noise is more noticeable on the Delta than the A73. Do you anticipate every wanting to have the choice of straight-down or over-ear wear? The Delta allows both and the A73 is only over-ear. Delta is fully metal, but the A73 is half metal, half plastic. I've read that the A73 tends towards a warmer signature, which you can end up on both ends of the spectrum with the Delta filters. I'd like to give you an actual recommendation, but I haven't heard the A73. Tough choice.
  9. JimmyTryhard
    Thanks for the help.
    I actually do go mountain biking at least once a week, but after trying this with GR07's and facing a lot of heavy wind noise when going down huge hills, I decided to just stick to Apple earbuds for exercise lol.
    I've been exploring the options a bit and found that the only listings I could find for the non-mic Delta are on the official website, which ships from a whole other country. The build quality seems to be a very strong suit of them, but I am not sure if I want to go through the hassle of the purchasing process.
    As for the A73's, I found a site where the pair would ship with a pair of spinfits free of charge, but my reading about the cable has left me a bit apprehensive for it doesn't seem to be of the highest quality.
    At this point, I'm also considering purchasing another pair of GR07's, for my current year-old pair has some channel issues, likely due to a few cable incidents in the past. The channel imbalances make the whole soundstage shift to the left quite a lot, and it is annoying to listen to after a while. I already know that I like their sound, and they are also considerably less expensive than the A73 or the Delta.
    I'm mostly at a standstill between the GR07's and the A73, with durability especially on the cable being the deciding factor.
    Man, I wish all iems had linum cables built in hahah
  10. Midgetguy

    Are the GR07s that much cheaper? I thought they were still like $100. A73 and Delta are only $120. Also, how soon are you planning to buy anyway? Cuz I'd guess the non-mic version's gonna show back up on Amazon within a week since it was only a couple days since I saw them there last. And they've gone out of stock and back into stock at least a couple of times since they got posted on Amazon. Although, again, I dunno if I'd recommend the Trinities just because the wind noise will definitely show up going at speed (I know cuz I ride a Razor scooter down a hill every day at about 15mph [​IMG]). I haven't tried enough stuff, so really the only thing I have in my collection that works very well in that kinda situation (with a nice cable since the R2A works too, but the cable isn't as good) are my Supra 2s, which cost $400, but it does have a Linum BAX cable though haha. But Trinity seems to outclass everyone else in build quality in this price bracket. You've really got a tough choice ahead of you. Any possibility of getting a set of Deltas to audition for wind noise? Like maybe send a callout to the Head-Fi community to see if anyone has a set of them near you to try out? Ditto for the A73 to see if you're okay with the cable's build quality.
  11. JimmyTryhard
    Right now, The A73's are available for about 149 USD, while the Delta's are about 138 USD. The GR07 will cost me about 99 USD, but I may pay extra for faster shipping. Those are the options that I found at least.
    I just wish that Amazon would stock the non-mic Delta's lol. It's possible that it's out of stock, but I don't even see a listing for it. I just see the mic-cable version, which is the version I don't wanna buy(the cable is cloth and seems less durable). However, the build quality just looks amazing haha, I might have to just wait until they come back or something. I feel that the earphone I'm looking for right now has build quality at the top of the list.
    I am not too sure if it's worth the effort for me personally to set up an audition or something like that but thanks for suggesting it. I didn't even think of that! I'm still a newbie to head-fi I guess lol [​IMG] 
    Also, I'm not too sure somebody would be willing to let me take their earphones on an intense fast mountain biking trip that may not end well for their earphones! [​IMG] 
  12. mrazik
    I got GR07BE, I got A73 too, but I would not take either of them for MTB. Reasons are fit and not perfect isolation. For real sports activities are much better Westone's ADV Alfa series. I use A73 just for walking.
  13. Darkestred
    When i get a good seal the GR07BE i feel have very nice isolation.  Then again im not biking or anything.  Just a brisk walk. 
    The original GR07s go for $88
  14. mrazik

    They are good for walking. For activities when outside noises are increased, they may loose low end due to weaker isolation. According to my experiences are A73 a bit better on that, than GR07.
    And truly magic is in - When I get good seal - that is sometimes tricky for both of these IEM. Bur do not get me wrong. Both are very nice and good sounding. Only in some aspects they are really not best in class.
  15. sunset754
    Aww! I believe they served you well...
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