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FIDUE A83 impressions and discussion thread

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  1. dbdynsty25
    Yup...the A83s are definitely better sounding overall, but I can't help but go back to my GR07BEs because of the fit.  It helps that my A83s broke, so I think I'm going to just stick with my first love for a while.  Though the A73s do look tempting as hell because they are a bit more ergonomic it seems.
  2. sunset754
    I think I'll give my BE a listen! I've actually been listening to GR01, and they would definitely give the A83 run for its money regarding sound quality(different presentation though)if it wasn't for the sibilance,though it's getting a little less so now. Going back to A83 though,and oh yes!
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    GR01 was imo the Vsonic sibilance Queen, like the 'flagship' of vocal sibilance. Its so unfortunate because they had so much going for them otherwise. I picked them up a long time ago wanting to upgrade from GR07. I simply had to remove them from my life.
  4. sunset754
    H20, they can be pretty bad at times. I got them about 3 years ago and rediscovered them recently. I am "burning" them in extensively in between listening sessions and it seems to be reducing some of the sibilance. It's funny because it was said that they had less sibilance than the GR07 and the BE. It definitely is a pity because I love the sound in general. I'm going to keep working on 'em, and do some tip rolling because it's still nice to have choice after the lovely A83.
  5. puppyfi
    Liking my Fidue A83 sound signature so far when used with UE silicon tips.
    Good fit, good comfort, BUT disappointed with the poor isolation.


    I used my IEMs for commuting a lot.
    Even when used with Comply T400, I find that because of the shallow fit, it simply could not 'drown' out the surrounding ambience noise (example, engine noise around 70db+ with train, bus, etc) to the extend that I can 'listen' to music. This makes it a poor companion for air, bus, train travel. Wearing it when walking on busy street is still fine though.
    I have no such problem with my other IEMs ( DN2000, GR07BE, B200, IM50 ).
  6. Midgetguy

    Yeah, it's that short nozzle. Really doesn't do it any favors.
  7. Darkestred

    I noticed this, as well. I didnt feel like it was night and day difference vs gr07be but its there. I dont listen too loud so i up the volume some.

    I did feel when i got a good, temp seal things were good but i have issues with tips staying in ear.

    Does anyone have a middle ground tip solution?
  8. puppyfi
    A83, DN2000 or GR07BE are definitely all good (outstanding) IEMs but each of them has quite different sound presentation.
    The trick will be once you are able to get the right tips, also the right synergy with your DAP (or ears), anyone of these IEMs should serve you well.
    I believe A83 is being designed as such, that is, just shallow fit (and may be , also not to seal completely). 
    I can use UE medium or UE large for example. UE large will provide better seal (but still won't isolate out the ambience noise well enough). But UE medium, though don't seal as well, gave me the best sound.
  9. mrazik
    Best results I got are with Comply S400 and VSonic silicon tips with sponge inside. With S400 is sound less sharp on highs, than with any silicon's I ever tried. But it is true, that isolation is not perfect with either of them.
  10. friedrice2307
    Before i purchased them i pretty much new the seal was not great. I read jokers review ok these iems and he gave it a great rating but the isolation is where it kind of suffered. He gave it a 3 out 5.

    I personally think the isolation isnt that great because of the housing design. I am currently saving up to get some custom made tips but honestly i can purchase some custom iems for the price of custom tips.

    Sent from my SM-G928P using Tapatalk
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Since running my Aurisonics ASG-2 balanced from Pono Player which takes organic to quite extreme levels my A83 are sounding a little artificial.. . At the moment to try have them keep up I run A83 from the Colorfly C4, which does sound fantastic detail wise though the gap is clearly there.

    I think this is it guys, leaving A83.. :D
  12. jon parker
    A quick question good people of Head-fi :)
    I bought a set of JVC Spiral Dot Silicon Earphone Tips from here:  ebay.co.uk/itm/171868948521  for my A83's
    because I thought they would be something noteworthy having heard great things about them but im wondering If i bought fakes
    They seem like ordinary generic silican buds - the dots are very small and can bearly be seen which makes me wonder if they are fakes?
    I thought they would be thicker and and the dots a lot more prominant as they makes the music 'swirly' ??
    They certainly loose some bass impact compared to the stock large tips
    any thoughts? Im looking for insight into what I should be experiencing with these tips that makes them well regarded. Thanks :) 
    (still in love with my A83's - Tried the A73's to see if they were worth being 3 times the price...and ermm yes, totaly!)
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Can you take a photo of them?

    Pretty sure there aren't any fakes.
  14. jon parker
    Thanks Mr Fidelity, really appreciate it & good to know  :)
    It may be that the publicity makes appear far more than they actually are!
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    They're legit genuine Spiral Dots, just the power of Head-fi hypermania power has consumed you. They're good tips though, and do provide the best bass response for me. I use them atm with Colorfly C4. Generally tips will alter the sound very slightly than obviously. It's just here we speak in only text putting a percentage on such differences is difficult.
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